Perplexing Your Third Eye

Perplexing Your Third Eye

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 A Darkness Clearing is recommended before this service is completed to ensure full faceted results~!

This service is a true awakening, created and fully dedicated for those out there who would like superior help with achieving a vast array of psychic goals.

- Fully opening the third eye all the way

- Full cleansing of aura and all chakras, including the third eye

- Protection against negativity for your aura and all chakras, including the third eye

- Establishing a better connection with your Higher Self, spirit guides or the spirits around you

- Overall advancement in your psychic and spiritual abilities and energies

- Opening up new doors to more supernatural, psychic and spiritual abilities and divine knowledge that you are unaware of at this time

- Improved meditation and concentration skills as well as calmness of mind and being able to relax whenever you want to

- Enhancing the power level of your current spiritual and psychic ability status

- Gaining greater manifestation abilities and cultivating abundance

- Maintaining a positive and healthy aura

- Raising your energy vibrations

The list of benefits is nearly endless! This service can be tailored to your specific requests, however, gifts will awaken in you in order of importance.

The following information is needed to complete the service:

1. The first and last name of the recipient.

2. The exact city where the recipient lives.

3. The birthday or astrological sign of the recipient.

4. A short and realistic statement on what the recipient is hoping to accomplish from receiving the service.

Upon completion, you will receive a tranquil piece that will forecast the elevated energies projected from the service. You will want to add this to your cart and then check out through Paypal. You will pay to:, and then in the special instructions area state the above requested info. that is needed for this service~