Raviniska's Blessed Helping Hand

Raviniska's Blessed Helping Hand

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This particular service is reserved for people who are in desparate need of urgent Divine intervention and miracles, or are suffering a spiritual or magical emergency.

~This service is for unique distressing situations.

The following information is needed to complete the service:

1. The details of your emergency situation that requires immediate assistance.

2. The first and last names of each person involved.

3. The exact cities where each person involved lives.

Upon completion, you will receive an imperail piece that will continue to guide your situation to a better place and showcase the strengths of the service to enrich you with stability and enthusiasm of granting your chalice from your current despair.

You will want to add this to your cart, and then make payment through Paypal. Payment goes to: kissmecrazie@gmail.com, and in the special instructions area you will want to list the above stated info. that is needed to perform this service~