Detaching Past Effects

Detaching Past Effects

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Detaching Past Effects

This is a phenomenal service that will help you let go of the causes and effects that were brought forth from a harmful decision that you may have made in this, or any of your past lives. This will alleviated the problems and issues that have arisne due to the past choices you may regret~

The proclamation of this service will serve a helping learning tool for the recipient. This will implore radiance that will bring to the surface the follicles of white light purity that is within each important life-changing circumstance!

This service also helps the recipient know the positive and negative aspects involved in making decisions, and how they can impact your life now and forever~!

The following information is needed to complete the service:

 The first and last name, as well as the age of the recipient.

** Ravinisika will pull from your energy and indulge the past effects to make you more aware of your current stance in life -- you will receive a token item to implement the force of the service.


Place this in your cart and then checkout through Paypal; payment is to be sent to: and in the special instructions area you will want to provide the above listed information that is needed for the service.