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Sacred Sanctions of Strength

Sanctioning your body with the strength of meta armor is what will occur in this service. This will invoke generative aspects of enrichments that will come forth and bless you.

A thick, and protective, layer of energy is created to surround you and inside this energetic layer are many types of divine energies. These energies are designed to repel, and cleanse you from the most common threats; such as, negative energies, negative attachments, cords and connections.
The barrier meta armor is constructed with Divine assistance and abides by the Laws of the Universe and the Laws of Karma. This means the armor will not protect an individual from the consequences of their own malicious actions or from threats that an individual actively opens themselves up to receive.

The only information needed to complete this service:

~The recipient's first and last name, as well as their age.

PLEASE NOTE: This Barrier Meta Armor service does not make a person bullet-proof, either physically or energetically, however, those that are placed in severe negative situations will note the amount of damage taken is considerably reduced. 

 ** You will receive an empowered item that will be invoked when Raviniska performs the service, this will integrate the energeis upon you when you adorn it ~


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