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This is an Astral Travel Service that protects you fully through the Meta Armor. Through the power of this servie you will be protected in your astral body from many types of dangers.

Forumlating your connection will bring forth an extra layer of protection that will activatedautomatically each time its wearer falls asleep, since their astral body is more vulnerable to attacks and attachments at this time~!

This armor is highly recommended for those that believe they are psychically being attacked, astral travel to nightmarish places in their dreams or have an interest in astral travel or spiritual growth.

The barrier meta armor is constructed with Divine assistance and abides by the Laws of the Universe and the Laws of Karma. This means the armor will not protect an individual from the consequences of their own malicious actions or from threats that an individual actively opens themselves up to receive.

The only information needed to complete this service:

~ The recipient's first and last name and age.

PLEASE NOTE: This Barrier Meta Armor service does not make a person bullet-proof, either physically or energetically, however, those that are placed in severe negative situations will note the amount of damage taken is considerably reduced.

** You will receive a token piece to forecast the completion of the service and to help contribute the power upon you!

Place this in your cart and then checkout through Paypal; payment is to be sent to: and in the special instructions area you will want to provide the above listed information that is needed for the service.