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This service brings forth a barrier of meta armor which is specially designed to repel, protect against, dispel and cleanse your spirit from dark vampires; this will also give protection from vampiric entities, their energies, and attacks on an energetic level.

Areas of the wearer that vampires usually attack are heavily fortified. A special formulation is used in the construction of this armor that was carefully selected because of their repelling qualities against vampires.

The barrier meta armor is constructed with Divine assistance and abides by the Laws of the Universe and the Laws of Karma. This means the armor will not protect an individual from the consequences of their own malicious actions or from threats that an individual actively opens themselves up to receive.

The only information needed to complete this service:

The recipient's first and last name, and full date of birth.

Any experiences you have had in the past with vampiric energies, or physical vampires.

 ** You will receive an empowered item that will be invoked when Raviniska performs the service, this will integrate the energeis upon you when you adorn it ~

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