Divine Worker Blessings -- for 1

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 Divine Worker Blessings

This service utilizes the formulation of magic and energy from a pure Divine Worker. You will be blessed with enlightenment and pure virility in your physical life. This will enrich you with a Warrior Armor that will not allow others to hinder your successes as you travel your path and reach for the stars!

If you have taken one step forward, just to be knocked back a few paces, then this is for you. The energies in the Universe have formatted a parallel merriment that needs to be magnetized with your soul in order for you to rise above and have limitless abilities at success.

PLEASE NOTE: This service is designed to keep demons out of your personal auric field, by imparting a barrier. The effectiveness and integrity of the barrier can possibly be compromised if you actively invite a demon inside your spectrum, allows a person who is carrying a demonic entity in their aura to enter your personal space, or if a magical or spellcast item that is home to a demon is utilized/ For best results, please ensure that the household is free from demons and all demonic energies before purchasing.

 If you are not sure whether or not they reside in your household? Please email me at:kissmecrazie@gmail.com

The barrier protection is constructed with Divine assistance and abides by the Laws of the Universe and the Laws of Karma. This means the armor will not protect an individual from the consequences of their own malicious actions or from threats that an individual actively opens themselves up to receive.

The only information needed to complete this service:

  • The recipient's first and last name and date of birth.
  • Noted experiences with demonic spirits of presences.

 ** You will receive an empowered item that will be invoked when Raviniska performs the service, this will integrate the energeis upon you when you adorn it ~

Place this in your cart and then checkout through Paypal; payment is to be sent to: kissmecrazie@gmail.com and in the special instructions area you will want to provide the above listed information that is needed for the service.