Surviving the Moors, Powers of a Firsthand Adventure!!

Surviving the Moors, Powers of a Firsthand Adventure!!

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*This is a story about the disappearance of an old employee of our company, Mitch.
<br /><br />

This event happened to Mitch and I while we were visiting England on an investigation, Mitch had been there before and wanted to show me what the country had to offer. As such,  he had planned to take me to see Stonehenge, but the roads were too icy, so we went for a walk on the moors just outside of Tavistock in Devon instead.<br /><br />

It had recently snowed and so we were both wearing warm clothes and had packed a thermos flask full of coffee.  Mitch loves animals and was very interested in all the tracks various animals had left in the snow. I was precarious as I had recently had a scary encounter with what I can safely assume was the Beast of Bodmin Moor.<br /><br />

He had his eye on a set of tracks he could not identify. This was strange for Mitch as he had an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of animal tracks. At first I put this down to him being from a family with several veterinarians and animal experts, and that perhaps this was some creature indigenous to England, but they seemed strange to me as a novice as well. <br /><br />

They were almost like giant human hand prints in the snow, with deeper indentations at the fingertips, as if the creature had been gripping the snow.<br /><br />

I was afraid that in following the tracks we might just stumble across the creature’s lair, and while I was interested to find out what it was, I didn’t want to be its supper.<br /><br />

As we followed, we found that the left hand print was less strong and the right was getting deeper, almost as if the creature was limping. To Mitch's disappointment and my relief, we lost the tracks at a small brook.<br /><br />

We discussed what had happened. I reasoned that it might have been someone pulling a prank on us, just as Mitch liked to play pranks on me. Or perhaps it was just some as-yet unidentified creature of the moor, but Mitch was convinced that it was a monster, like Bigfoot. We each failed to convince the other of our point of view and it ended in an argument.<br /><br />

We sat at the brook discussing this issue when I felt a weird wave roll over my body, followed by a hollow call, like a backward drumbeat. I turned to Mitch and it was clear he had heard it, too.<br /><br />

Before I could ask what it was, he was off. I chased after him and called his name, but he wasn’t listening. He seemed intent on following something far ahead of him. I regret to say that I am no runner, and in no time at all Mitch had lost me.<br /><br />

The moors are an easy place to get lost in, so I decided to retrace my steps back to the brook. To my astonishment and horror, there now seemed to be more of those hand prints – the creature had circled us!<br /><br />

And then I heard it. The hollow, throaty, resounding call of that nightmarish creature. I ran. It seemed as if the whole wood was alive. I heard creaking branches, rustling leaves, rasping winds, but most of all again and again I heard the cry of the beast.<br /><br />

I arrived in a clearing and would have stormed right through it had I not noticed a shiny object on the ground. I stooped down to pick it up, it was a piece that belonged to Mitch and my thoughts went right to him. After placing the piece in my pocket I stood there and the noises increased tenfold. I tried to run, but my feet were rooted to the spot, by fear.<br /><br />

A crashing noise came toward me. Something was racing through the undergrowth toward me. It was Mitch. He looked rather worse for wear – cuts on his face and neck and his shirt grubbied. He refused to say what had happened, but urged me to leave the moor as soon as possible. I thought he was probably afraid of some phantom, so I indulged him and we both headed for home.<br /><br />

Mitch looked tired so I offered him a drink from my flask. He refused. I offered again and got the same response. This was peculiar because Mitch was a thirsty person at the best of times, and after running to get out of the area, he must have wanted something to drink.<br /><br />

As we reached the outskirts of Tavistock, Mitch turned around and turned as white as a sheet. I could read the terror in his eyes and knew that the monster was right behind us. I ran. <br /><br />

Within minutes I had reached the hotel and threw open the front door and ran to my room down the hall; I entered and slammed the door shut behind me.<br /><br />

Within seconds there was a banging at my door. Terrified, I slumped up against it and expected the worst. After a few minutes the banging subsided and I mustered enough courage to look through the peep-hole; I could see that the main door was wide open.<br /><br />

I have not seen Mitch since -- he cannot be reached, even through phone or email. <br /><br />

I was alarmed after no contact and then we were scheduled to fly back home and he never showed up at the airport, and I went back to the U.S. alone. <br /><br />

Deedee said she had a bad feeling about him while we were gone and when I gave her the piece, I found, she was sure he was integrated upon an evil force. The shining item was a charm of incantation; this was a piece Mitch always wore.<br /><br />

The item is employed with the powers of conjuration and protection. Mitch would often tell tales of how he survived encounters with powerful creatures and dark entities because of this piece. We believe that his luck ran out when the piece fell from his pocket. Mitch never properly wore the piece, he always just had it with him! We suggest that the purchaser wear the item the way it is intended so the powers subside in your body.<br /><br />

You will gain the controlling effect of Reiki secrets and have your aura protected from dark hindrances. This is an ultimate adornment of true magic that was granted to Mitch when he first started with Haunted Curiosities.<br /><br />

Mitch has never been forgotten; we have tried to conjure his spirit over the years, but there is no connection. All we know is that this piece is an ultimate correspondent of magic that will guide you through the paramount receptacles of the heart, mind and soul; your intentions will bring forth pure and just claims of supernatural qualities. <br /><br />

The spells, rituals and forces that reside in this item are employed with tools of Wiccan magic -- the powers are strong and life changing!<br /><br />


For the best results, wear this piece around your neck on a chain.  Give it a chance to bond with your person and inner being.  <br /><br />


Remember, Deedee will be on investigation until 10/23/11 and shipping will resume when she returns.<br /><br />