Goldilocks Zone:  Extraterrestrial Knowledge

Goldilocks Zone: Extraterrestrial Knowledge

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Alien Terrorists<br /><br />

Through research into the look at extraterrestrials there have been forecasts of information depicting over 400 planets that are beyond our own Solar System; many believed to house life forms.<br /><br />

Simon Conway, a professor of evolutionary palaeobiology at Cambridge University, told a conference at the Royal Society in London that any aliens visiting Earth are likely to have undergone a similar evolutionary process as humans, and ended up pretty much like us --- full of greed and violence with a tendency to exploit others resources. <br /><br />

Extraterrestrials are noted to be thought of like us. They are less likely to be peacful explorers, than colonizers looking for a new place to live, or in search of water, minerals and fuel. <br /><br />

Out of the many new planets that have been noted for discovery, many are within the 'Goldilocks zone' which represents a temperature that is neither too cold nor too hot for water to exist in the liquid form essential for life.<br /><br />

Represented in mind like a human, we fear that with the uprising warnings for 2012, we are facing attacks on the Earth, not only from doomed destruction from the Heavens, but also from the creatures living on these planets.<br /><br />

This information has been kept very hush, hush and I can't go into anymore detail about it without fear of harm to myself, or our company. <br /><br />

However this piece, that is available, has the potent power of excavating the planets that have not yet been completely identified. The item was charged with bionic vowed energies that act as a portal to bring forth understanding of their intent.<br /><br />

We have the military fighting battles with other countries, but we have yet to have any normalcy of understanding of planets beyond our Universe; we simply have the bit of knowledge that is showcased in textbooks. However, as we can tell with Pluto no longer being represented as a planet that their true understandings are not real valuable.<br /><br />

You will be enriched with the abilities to recognize and record the suggestions of energies and secrets of those who live among us in areas in which we are unfamiliar. The possibilities of knowledge and powers you will gain when using this are limitless!<br /><br />