Native Capnomantic Energy

Native Capnomantic Energy

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Capnomantic Jogah <br /><br />


I received this piece from a friend of mine who is half Cherokee.  To celebrate her heritage she takes part in many rituals that Native Americans do.   For instance (and I know it sounds weird), one night she decided that she was going to hold a smudging ceremony.  She smudged me so that way my soul would set right with the spirits of the ancients and I would be able to fully enjoy my afterlife.  <br /><br />


It was from this friend that I received this piece.  She received it from one of the elders in her tribe and passed it on to me.  In the same fashion I am passing this piece on to one of our valued customers.  It is a piece that comes from and holds the spirits of the ancients and Jogah, which are spirits of nature.  They inhabit the natural environment around us.  This piece calls upon these spirits for divine interpretation and spiritual ability.  <br /><br />


In particularly, this piece is going to give you the ability of divining fire.  This power is a pyromantic energy that allows you to light the fire, gaze into it, and see the future.  It will also give you Capnomantic energy, because you will also be able to use the smoke from your divine fire to tell the future and determine the best course of action. <br /><br /> 


To use this piece properly, meditate with it first, concentrating on the energy of the Jogah that is in your piece.  He will intercede to the gods, allowing your eyes to be opened and your mind to be awakened.  This piece will give you the secrets that were given to the Native Americans, “many moons,” ago.  You will conduct yourself with the spiritual “oneness” that is necessary to hold any type of psychic energy. <br /><br />


The most interesting part about this piece is that it also has links to Mayan fortunes and holds and tells secrets from a different perspective than the traditional Mayan spirits.  This is possibly because the Native American and Mayans are distant, distant, distant relatives—kind of like Dick Cheney and Barack Obama.  Anyway, I don’t want to spoil it for you.  This piece is very cool and very powerful… try it today!!    <br /><br />