Lost City of Petra; Tomb of Aaron

Lost City of Petra; Tomb of Aaron

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From the Tomb of Aaron<br /><br />

This piece comes from the ancient City of Petra.  For those of you who aren't familiar, Petra was the capital city buit by a race of people known as the Nabadaeans.  The city was carved from red rock and and has been called, "the Rose Red City half as old as time."  the city was built in roughly the 6 century BC and eventually became pare of the Roman empire.  Today, the country is under Jordanian Rule and is protected by UNESCO. <br /><br />

This piece comes from Petra, the Rose Red City.  It comes from a place known as the Tomb of Aaron and was provided to me by one of my correspondents.  They visited the Tomb of Aaron, upon which they were drawn to the piece that they found directly outside the tomb.  Now, if you are a religious person whatsoever, you know that Aaron was the brother of Moses.  Moses was one of the most influential people in all three of the major world relgions.  He represented God in the fullest extent that was known to humanity other than Jesus Christ himself.  He was the one that received the the Ten Commandments, led God's chosen out of slavery and to the promised land, and spoke into the burning bush that burned with the fire of the Holy Spirit. <br /><br />

He shared this power with his siblings, Aaron and Miriam.  With that being said, Petra is the burying place of Aaron, Moses' brother.  The Tomb of Aaron is where this piece comes from.  It holds the blood of Aaron, which is the blood line of Moses; and ultimately the bloodline of Christ.  It is the bloodline of God's chosen people.  This piece holds traces of blood from Aaron, who is part of this bloodline.<br /><br /> 

This piece holds powers that were given directly to Moses, from God.  With this piece, you will be able to call upon Aaron's spirit to allow yourself to activate the holy blood flow.  By wearing this piece, you are making yourself part of the bloodline of Christ, which holds the ancient form magic from Heave.  You will receive this power in a blessing.<br /><br /> 

Additinoally, this piece will give you Holy Veneration and divination.  It will wash your soul with the cleansing white light fire of the Holy Spirit and this will allow for medium powers that will allow you to communicate with angels, which will will guide you along the path you walk in life.  You will given spiritual protection, just as Jesus was called the great shepherd who watched over his flock.  You will also be watched over and given the blessings from Heaven.<br /><br />

I have tested this piece and I will tell you now, the power that is it in this piece is the real Deal.  I have used the powers myself and I guarantee they will excellency with any soul type.  You don't want to give this one up.... Turst me!!  <br /><br />

Upon further investigation, after the initial report was drawn up, I have discovered that this bracelet, which is the piece you are receiving, holds individual Chambers of Truth.  The white light of the Holy Spirit, which is the faction of the Holy Trinity who gave Aaron his powers, is caught in each component that makes up this bracelet.  Rays of this white light have been caught, infused, and kept in this piece, which isn't as old as Aaron, but is JUST as powerful. <br /><br />

The tighter of a bond you forge with this piece, the higher level Chamber of Truth that will relinquished to you.  This piece is simply astounding!!  <br /><br />


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