Tuetkan Entity

Tuetkan Entity

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Burial Mounds in Russia<br /><br />

Tuetka is a remote region in Russia.  It the area in Russia where the Altai Mountains can be found.  It is the area where Russia, Kazakhstan, China, and Mongolia come together.  It is here that researchers have recently discovered burial mounds that are between 2,300 and 2,800 years old.  It is also from this same burial mound that the power I am offering you comes from.  It has been transposed into this piece from its original vessel. <br /><br />

The tombs are situated on the Ursul River and are of epic proportion.  They contain chambers that house the dead of Scythian descent.  The piece that I have come across houses an ancient prince that was a Scythian sorcerer of dark arts.  The power in the piece will superimpose your soul into his tomb, where you will be able to read his ancient glyphs that encircle his tomb.  These texts will wake up his spirit, which will come to you and inhabit your existence. <br /><br />

The prince will inhabit your spirit, giving you all the knowledge of dark arts that he holds.  He will give you a type of magic that will allow you to reach into the corners of the underworld and transform yourself into the living dead, becoming a very powerful form vampire.  With this power you will become not only a sorcerer of dark arts, but a prince of the underworld by proxy.  You will then obtain even more mystic powers.<br /><br /> 

This piece holds the ground up remains of the original piece, which were used in the casting of the new piece.  The original piece is several thousand years old and was given to the Scythian prince during a ritual of passing from an original form ancient vampire.  This vampire is an original descendant of Lillith, mother all dark beings.  Basically, it will make your physcial and psychological components one with realm of the Underworld. <br /><br />

The two black spheres that you see on the ring are what hold the dark power.  They correlate with the pitch black powers of the underworld.  Wear this piece to bond with it and receive the full powers and abilities of the overlords of the Underworld.  <br /><br />

Once the black spheres are are activated, they will relinquish the power to you.  the ring itself is cast with the remains of the former piece in 925 Sterling Silver, which is known to be very conducive with dark magic.  <br /><br />