Vampiric Entity

Vampiric Entity

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This piece comes from the site of the first Roman catholic Church to ever exist in Peru.  It was discovered by archaeologists, after stumbling upon the church's location in a letter that was written to Queen Juana I, in which a Spanish monk asks to be buried at the location where the church is located, along the coast of Peru.<br /><br />

The piece is crafted out of a sacred lot of jewels that was excavated and taken from the site by the Catholic  Church.  They secretly claimed rights to the jewelry after finding out about the excavation, saying that the church was rightfully their domain.<br /><br /> 

Behind scenes, the Church sent sent a secret operative to the site to investigate the findings.  When he found out the jewels had been discovered, he immediately reported it to the Catholic church, because he knew at once the powers that the jewlers held.  It was worked out that if the jewels were relinquished to the catholic Church, they wouldn't make a fuss about it.<br /><br />

Once they were delivered to the Catholic church, they were investitaged and found to possess dark spirits of an unknown origin.  After further investigation, it was determined that these same spirits were the ones that led to the eventual demise of the church in Peru.<br /><br /> 

The document that was sent to Juana I, contained a description of the goings on at the church, which was later covered up by Catholic officials and dismissed as heresy.  It was an outcry for help by the Spanish settlers in Peru, begging their queen to send assistance.  Their villaged had been overrun and plundered by a group of spirits simply known as "Los Oscuros" or "the Dark Ones."  They were dismissed as witches and excommunicated, even though they cried out for help.  It was covered up, so as not to be an embarassment.<br /><br /> 

What really happened in Peru, is that Satan was afraid of the spread of the light of Christianity spreading to Western side of the world.  He sent a legion of demonic vampires to pillage and destory what little the settlers had.  The demonic vampires were successful in doing so.<br /><br /> 

However, there was one survivor.  This was the body of the woman found in the church.  She sported one earring and a crucifix.  She somehow managed to survive the attack of the vampires, but was transformed into a spirit vampire in the afterlife.  She then took vengeance upon Los Oscuros who had ruined her villaged.  She cast their beings into the gems that were sent to the catholic Church.  Her own spirit was also locked into one of the piece.  This is the piece that I am offering.<br /><br />

It's not important how I got it, it is just important that I got it.  It is the spirit of the surviving woman, whose soul was transformed into a vampire spirit.  She came back stronger and more versatile than the entire legion, because she has their curse, but also exhibits the white light of God.  The gems are made from her flesh, which was turned into ash upon her tranferance into a vampiric entity. <br /><br />

This piece is very powerful and provides you with a source of extreme dual power-- both the brightest light maigc and the darkest dark powers.  This piece is available for the first person who decides that it is for them.  You want to be this person, trust me.<br /><br /> 


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