Petrified, Reverberated Snake Eggs

Petrified, Reverberated Snake Eggs

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Unhatched snake eggs -- <br /><br />

Having trouble sleeping? Save your $$$ on purchasing a new mattress; it is not a new mattress that you need, it is this empowered item!<br /><br />

This item is a projection piece that will assist you in calming your mind. Many people have issues sleeping and do not feel that they ever really rest. <br /><br />

A lot of times the things keeping us up are negative energies! That is why when you go to a spa the setting is serene and there are natural elements that surround you.<br /><br />

People will try to create this in their home and bring forth good energies, but if there is a negative spirit, or the aspect of dominance in the home, then you will never sleep right.<br /><br />

These are reverberated snake eggs that never hatched. They were collected from a shrew in Nova Scotia. She placed them together and formed a necklace out of them. <br /><br />

The snake dwells in so many places, climates and environments; snakes represent versatility, transmutation and change, their natural inclination to “shed their skins” leaving behind the old, and adapting to the new, supports this idea. Since these eggs were not hatched and then enameled to keep them vital, they invoke the strengths of the unborn snakes.<br /><br />
The snake has been, throughout the ages, controversial in many regards. Some see the snake as a bearer of evil or bad news, but most see the snake as the healer and spiritual icon that it is. The debate among Christian's has always been whether the snake is the personification of evil or a holy and scared icon. <br /><br />

There are many references to the snake in the bible, some portraying this creature as a bearer of evil, but most refer to its job as healer and spiritual muse. No where in the bible does it say that snakes are evil, however, like any creature, human or animal, they possess both noble and questionable qualities. Some people fear them and many more are charmed by them. <br /><br />
Most of us recognize the snake as the symbol of physicians and alchemists, which shows two snakes wrapped around a staff. This again, supports their totem reputation as healer. Snakes are highly respected in India and their lore and symbolism is highly regarded by their culture; Vitana, the mother of snakes, is the symbol of water and the underworld and the Goddess Shiva always wears snakes on her body as jewelry, which represents sexuality. American Indians also see the snake as a representation of fertility and healing.<br /><br />

Snakes are very sensitive to their environment, they are silent, calm creatures and seem to be very serene on the outside, but within this animal is coiled power that can deliver lethal blows, with well timed and startling accuracy. The snake is a powerful totem, symbolizing eternity, wisdom, transformation and intuition. Their wisdom is expressed as healer and the snake has been used as a symbol of this for centuries.<br /><br />

The prosperity of the snake are invoked within their eggs and are fertile in the strengthening powers that will calm your body and give you the peacefulness to sleep and become stagnant in any environment.<br /><br />

This piece is amazing and will take the "restriction" you have been facing and make it hatch with new healing. These new powers will bring forth the retrieval of compassion to gain your calming sense when you are trying to rest; along with the a revived libido and healing attributes for your aura. An extraordinary piece!<br /><br />

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