Sexually Transmitted Demons and A Hooker Witch

Sexually Transmitted Demons and A Hooker Witch

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Sexually Transmitted Demons <br /><br />


I’m going to warn you all before I go into detail about this piece—it is very dark in nature.  We don’t usually sell very many dark pieces, but this piece is one of those pieces that will tickle your fancy if you are into the dark arts and what that side of the spectrum has to offer.   With this being said, if dark arts aren’t your thing, then you probably should not be reading this; unless, of course, you are looking to dabble.  <br /><br />


This piece came from a hooker witch.  She was a nasty old thing that slept with just about anyone that would let me get her hands on them.  She lived in upstate Pennsylvania, in the coal regions.  With that being said, there isn’t much of a selection in these regions.  This fact combined with the fact that she could make herself more appealing and attract men to her with her magic is the sole reason why she could anyone to sleep with her in the first place.  <br /><br />


As time progressed, she was sick and tired of being the only dark arts witch that existed in her small town.  She worked tireless—and I mean tirelessly—to perfect a magic that would allow her to create a spawn doing what she knew best; and this was sex.  She sold her soul to the devil to make a bargain with him and obtain a unique power:  the ability to transform someone into a dark witch by having sexual intercourse with this person.   <br /><br />


She began making just one dark witch, a male companion for herself.  Being that she was a whore, however, she couldn’t stop.  She ended up relocating to a small cottage in the woods, where her exorbitant sexual behaviors spawned a race of dark entities that haunted the woods and lurked at night.  <br /><br />


The local government covered it up, especially since they had children that were caught in the crossfire.  They hired a professional witch hunter and burned most of the spawned, dark entities at the stake.  A few escaped into unknown realms, and the ring leader was bound and cast straight into the Lake of Fire during a transference ceremony.  <br /><br />


I ended up with this piece, which is one of the original belongings of the hooker witch.  The green moonstone holds all of her powers, which are encased in talons and set in place into the ring—even the power that she obtained by selling her soul to the devil.  You will gain the ability to practice her dark magic.  The piece is cast in highly conducive metal and is the original working an alchemist, most likely a wizard. <br /><br />


We tried to convert this magic into white power, but were unsuccessful—just so you have an idea of how powerful this magic really is.  You will be able to create a spawn of your own with this piece, or initiate others into the realms of darkness.  However, as with any STD, it is always a good idea to let the other person know BEFORE you spread the cheer.  If dark magic is up your alley, then this piece is definitely the perfect fit for you!!   <br /><br />

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