Secret Cosmic Powers; Covert Friary

Secret Cosmic Powers; Covert Friary

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Balancing Cosmic Forces<br /><br />


Adita sent me this piece.  She found it in a shrine in the Sacred Mountains of China.  She was there on an investigation into a secret group of monks practicing in a monastery on the side of the mountain.  She caught wind of the covert sanctuary while she was at a paranormal convention in Hong Kong.<br /><br /> 


After she heard accounts of the monastery, which are very few and extremely far between, she decided that she wanted the privilege of being able to say that she had seen the monastery herself.  Adita can sometimes be a stubborn little thing; but her obstinacy paid off in this scenario and she didn't come back empty handed. <br /><br /> 


She wasn't exactly received into open arms, either.  She had to work for this one.  The monks do not like their ways of life and customs threatened.  It is a very difficult task to find their reclusive home and they like it that way.  It allows them to save their souls from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  This is what keeps them spiritually attuned-- well, this and a little bit of magic from the other side.  <br /><br />


The magic that they practice is in rare form and it is only practiced by these monks.  There is no magic like this one and that is why I’m telling you that this is a once in a lifetime piece—unless, of course, you somehow manage to climb the Sacred Mountains, locate the monastery, sweet talk the monks into letting you stay for a while, and obtain the powers that keep the place up and running.  <br /><br />


Adita did all of this, and now I am about to share this power with you.  Eventually, she was able to win over the hearts and minds of the monks that inhabited the friary.  She stayed with them for a while, learning their customs and taking part in their daily routine.  The entire time she stayed with them, she listened and learned.  She told me that the place was just crawling with spiritual activity—all white-light oriented, and none of it evil or bad. <br /><br />


Towards the end of her stay, the monks introduced her to the source of their power.  She led her to a warm stream that runs down the center of the mountain.  They showed the beginning of it and the end, where the water gathers into a small spiritual pool.  The water has been enchanted and holds the powers that ancients have instilled into it.  Adita was able to dip this piece into the enchanted pool; and this is what she has come back with.<br /><br /> 


This piece calls upon the powers and the wisdom of the ancient Chinese Zodiac.  More specifically it calls upon the spirits of the five ancient tigers that hold the balance of cosmic forces in place to prevent chaos and from collapsing into the universe.  The first tiger is the White Tiger, who is the autumn and Alchemy.  The second tiger is the Black tiger, ruler of winter who exhibits all the powers that come with the water element.  Third, is the Blue Tiger, who rules over spring; he is the governor of the earth elementals.  The fourth tiger is the keeper of the summer season and the fire elementals.  Lastly, is the grand ruler of all, the Yellow Tiger.  He holds extreme power and holds divine cosmic powers as given to him by the sun. <br /><br />


These spirits will come to you, spiritually fortifying your life, the same way they glue existence together.  They will protect you and lead you down the paths to success and good fortune.  They will give you the spiritual uplifting that is required to practice the powers of their magic.  With this magic, you gain the ability to cast divination into yourself and others and the preservation of powers.  The bracelet you are receiving is a spiritual reflection piece.  You must bond with this piece by meditating with it.  Then, when you take this piece out it nature, it will soak up the cosmic rays that are constantly surround us in whirlwind.  The piece will then refeclt its powers upon you.  This piece is available exclusively through Haunted Curiosities and Haunted Collector.<br /><br />