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Embodiment of a Sorcerer <br /><br />


Visiting the historic Indian Echo Caverns, in Hummelstown, PA is a fun place to take your family for a relatively inexpensive family vacation.   At the caverns, there is an entertainment complex consisting of cavern tours, a gem mill, a gift shop, a petting zoo, and other attractions.  It makes for a fun outing. <br /><br />


The caverns weren’t always too commercialized, however.  In fact, they used to be an underground mystery waiting to be discovered.  A local legend says that in 1919 some local boys who were exploring the caverns found a treasure in the cave consisting of coins minted between 480 BC and 1288 AD from around the world, a package of moonstones, and some jewelry among other things. <br /><br />


During research, I wasn’t able to substantiate any concrete proof of the treasure ever existing.  Where’d the story come from, though?  Certainly something so epic couldn’t have been entirely fabricated.  This spawned other questions that arose in my mind.  Whose treasure was it?  Wouldn’t the boys want to share their findings with everyone?  Wouldn’t they become rich, prominent members of their community?  I felt as though there were some holes in the explanation, so I decided to take it upon myself to find out.  <br /><br />


I obtained special permission to allow a group of investigators into the caverns after hours, which have become totally commercialized and controlled.  We didn’t bother taking a guide with us; simply because Dee Dee’s psychic intuition would get us out if we needed to flee.  Luckily, we had no need to flee.  In fact, our investigation proved to be very fruitful.  <br /><br />


Using his Psychometric powers, Jason was able to locate a spiritual hot spot in one of the caverns.  It was in this area that we stopped.   We set up for a good, old-fashioned séance.  I know this doesn’t seem all that exciting, but trust me… if you’ve ever held a séance, you know that they are eventful and it takes a lot out of you.  Well, a real one does anyway. <br /><br />


Anyhow, we turned out all of our modern technological gadgets that were providing us with artificial.  We lit some cinnamon fragranced candles and began our séance.  During our séance we were able to pull through a few different, passing-by spirits.  These didn’t really interest us.  We had to really dig deep for the spirit we wanted; and alas, we did!  <br /><br />


The spirit that properly identified the questions we had about treasure in the cavern was named Acacias.  His spirit has existed in the cave for some time.  He is actually a lot older than what we thought, dating back to the Dark Ages of the Greek civilization.  In his day things were very simple and people weren’t exactly what you would call bright.  Acacias was lucky enough to receive a divination from the ancient spirits that gave him special abilities.  At first, Acacias didn’t really get what he was supposed to do with these abilities.  It wasn’t until later that he realized there were no limitations on his power and he could use them for whatever he wanted. <br /><br />


Acacias began to realize that he was immortal when all of his friends and family began to die off and he remained alive.  Eventually, he accepted it for what it was, traveling all over the world, making friends until it was their time to go.  He has operated in this manner ever since.  <br /><br />


In the Colonial Period of America, he found himself being persecuted by colonists, who accused him of being a witch.  Acacias was never one for blood or vengeance.  He simply slipped into the caverns with all of the materials he had ever possessed as his own.  For decades he remained in the cave, living his eternity in loneliness and solitude.  Eventually, he gave up most of his possessions to the gods as a sacrifice to be allowed to enter the realm of the afterlife. <br /><br /> 


Some of his treasures were left behind.  These are the treasures that were found in 1919.  The people who had known about Acacias prevented the knowledge of the treasure and stage a massive cover-up.  They viewed the treasure as unholy relics in a time when Christianity was pretty much crammed down each American citizen’s throat.  The treasure was “disposed” of and the store was quelled. <br /><br /> 


At the end of the séance, after we obtained all the information that we wanted and needed, I received this piece.  It is one of the pieces that Acacias had originally offered up to the Gods.  I guess the Gods felt I deserved this piece for the work I went through to uncover Acacias’ story.  I don’t know; either way this piece is very powerful.  I have no use for it. <br /><br />  


What you are receiving is the full embodiment of an ancient Greek Sorcerer.  He will come to you, guiding you through your spirit quest and helping you attain all the powers that are possible for you.  He will give you the ability to practice his ancient form of magic that was passed onto him from the Greek gods.  If you choose, he will give you immortality.  There are powers that come along with this piece, but I think it’s best if you discover them for yourself!!  Just know that I’ve used this piece and it is very powerful.  It will not overtake you in anyway, because it’s not that type of piece.  This piece will manifest great powers to its host.  Is that host going to be you?? <br /><br />