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Recollection of Inner Spirituality~ <br /><br />

2010 was a harsh year. So many catastrophes! Millions of people died in earthquakes, floods, landslides, mine explosions etc.. It was a dangerous year, a sorrowful year. Our beautiful marshlands and coasts were endangered and terribly polluted by the explosion of the BP Horizon oil well. <br /><br />

We cried and agonized over the poisoned birds, turtles and dolphins. Even today there is oil under the sands and our beaches are not safe. There are, many lessons to be learned here!<br /><br />

Emir was in Saint Roch Gardens over the 2010 cold winter; he said the winter was harsh and killed many of the tropical plants. He said although the winter was rough, they made it through and with spring managed to coax their gardens back to life and to abundance. <br /><br />

The Madre de Agua Spiritual Temple was kept very busy with the calendar of feast days and ritual offerings. <br /><br />

By making offerings over set numbers of days for each of the Spirits as well as for the new moon and full moon days, equinoxes and solstices, Emir often found himself with overlapping rituals and the temple ablaze with candles and smelling of herbs, fruits, incenses, flowers etc. Wonderful!! <br /><br />

The prayer services and rituals and ceremonies had become the rhythm of his life and although this trip became more work, then relaxation, it held a lovely rhythm for Emir that kept him in sync with the sun, moon and stars! <br /><br />

Emir worked beside a deity of wisdom, named Adolem.<br /><br />

Adolem stated: "I am a great believer that this rhythm of spiritual services builds the altars into true working altars, the temple into a true place of Ache (life force) and blessings! <br /><br />

I often see altars which remain the same year after year, covered with dust and grime. Who are these 'practitioners" who never change their altars dishes or altar clothes? How can they claim to have a relationship with their Spirits? Some of these altars start as magnificent constructions, multi-layered and chock-full of stuff. I have learned over the years not to aim too high and that big altars demand big work and lots of time cleaning and attending to them. <br /><br />

So I like smaller and more succinct altars which are easier to take care of, but become more powerful over time because they are attended to daily. <br /><br />

Not only do I cleanse each and every altar every Monday and re-set all the altar dishes and make new offerings,  but I also renew all the altar clothes several times a year and make gifts to my Spirits on a regular basis!"<br /><br />

Emir learned a lot from Adolem and respected his continuous work and admiration of worship and honor to the altar!<br /><br />

Emir stayed a lot longer than he originally planned because he enjoyed the peacefulness that arose within him while working at the Temple.<br /><br />

When he finally had to leave to continue on his journey, Emir was gifted this piece by Adolem. The item is a relic that is blessed by the spiritual impact of daily blessings that had been bestowed within it for years. This was Adoloem's piece of prophecy that he was granted when he became the honored eyes to oversee the Temple. Adolem hung the piece at the smallest altar on the west facing side of the building.<br /><br />

This altar was blessed with more prayer then any other because it was solitude and more private, this made visitors more at ease to showcase their devotion and prayers.<br /><br />

He knew it was his only aspect of admiration;  he wished to showcase his gratitude to Emir and so gave him this amazing piece!<br /><br />

Emir did not want to take it at first, he knew that he is always on the go and would not be able to honor the item in the way it should be. Emir is a traveler and never stays in one place very long, he told Adolem this and Adolem said, "I trust that you will make a good judgment and pass this on to a deserving soul."<br /><br />

The piece was sent to Deedee from Emir and she was instructed that only a kind-hearted, kindred spirit should be able to obtain this ultimate piece.<br /><br />

This item is a towering blossom of spiritual blessings and love; it can either be worn, or adorned in the home to bring forth the divine holy liquid that this piece has been anointed with. This will rejuvenate and regenerate your spirit during the changes in the phases of the moon and sun, and especially when the seasons change. <br /><br />

The owner of this piece will be blessed with spiritual abundance as the prayers and endowments of love fortify over time to instill an awakening into their life.<br /><br />

The tragedies of 2010 were foreshadowed for Adolem and Emir while they were in the Temple and blessed with the endowments of faith; your surroundings will now represent vitality and even in the harshest of conditions you will recover with blooms of love, hope and faith each spring!
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