Lost City of Z

Lost City of Z

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Lost City of Z<br /><br />


The Lost City of Z was “discovered” by Portuguese explorer João da Silva Guimarães—good luck saying that one.  The city was purportedly found in the jungles of the Mato Grosso region of Brazil.  He found the city in 1753; and evidence of the city can be found in the National Museum of Rio de Janeiro in a document known as Manuscript 512.  <br /><br />


Later, the British surveyor, Col. Percy Harrison Fawcett, named the city.  He was an ardent believer that the city existed.  He was going to investigate the jungles, in search of the city; but WWI intervened.  When he finally did get a chance to get to Brazil, he and his sons were lost in the Mato Grosso, never to be heard of again… or so the story goes<br /><br />. 


Some say too much of a good thing is a bad thing.  Not according to Percy Fawcett.  He says too much is never enough.  This is why he has yet to return to civilization.  He actually did discover the Lost City of Z, which really does exist in the Jungles of Brazil.  Here’s the thing:  once Percy got the City of Z, he didn’t want to return.  He and his sons remained in the city, which wasn’t lost—not at all. <br /><br />


If you could see the City of Z, at first glance it might seem like it is a bunch of abandoned ruined in the middle of a thick rain forest.  This is because humans have become so dumb that they have lost all powers of the mind… thank you AOL Time Warner.  In order to see this city and obtain the rich and vast amount of knowledge, power, and enlightenment it has to offer is if the beings that exist in the city allow you too.  They alone have the power that will give you the ability to see and acknowledge what their city truly is—the greatest city in the world ever to have been built. <br /><br />


Well, I have ways of pulling strings.  I’m actually, in cahoots with Percy, who has used his ability to obtain immortality.  He hasn’t gone missing at all—he just never came back.  I can’t tell you the person who introduced me to him, but it was someone that Percy trusts not to give away his entire secret.  With that beings said, I received special permission to pass this piece along directly from Col. Percy. <br /><br />


This piece offers the powers  that can be found in the “Lost” City of Z.  It will give you an epiphany and a vivid spiritual awakening.  This power will help you bi-locate your mind, allowing you to visit the realm that is the City of Z.  Once here, you will be given the ability to experience beings that are of higher intelligence and higher existence.  They will give you powers.  You will be able to obtain even more powers.  This piece is just an all-in-all mystic experience.  In fact, I would even say it rivals the experiences that I’ve had with the sunken city, Atlantis.<br /><br /> 


This piece is very strong and will work to full capacity.  It's green color and shining stones symbolize the spiritual rebirth found in nature.  They have been infused with the powers of the City of Z by an alchemist of their race.  With that beings said, you will also have the ability to practice the race's higher level white magic.  I have tested the piece, and if it weren’t for the fact that I love my friends and family so much, I would’ve stayed as well.  So… go ahead… give Col. Percy a try, he's a lot more satisfying than Captain Morgan or Admiral Nelson!!