Spiritual Axes
Spiritual Axes

Spiritual Axes

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Balance your Axis<br /><br />

The most integrated axis known to humans is the notion of the axis that runs through the center of the world. This central axis is noted to connect the Earth with the Heavens and the Underworld. <br /><br />

This pivotal point is a proxy to that can be jeopardized in the equilibrium of us as wanderers of the Earth. We all have experienced a loss of balance; a time when you have felt dizzy all of a sudden, or maybe you have simply fallen over for no apparent reason... like tripping over your own two feet. <br /><br />

The embrace of these crevices are signified by your connection level with the axis. This imbalance of you and the axis can trigger a negative response on all facets of your life. <br /><br />

Many times we do not know why it seems like we are "unlucky" -- as we are good people and things just seem to go wrong. <br /><br />

The vertigo of this is the connection with the axis. This piece is an empowered emblem that will shock your aura with waves of power that will create the foundation of balance that is needed to keep you 'grounded' in this world.<br /><br />

Finding your true level of connection is an amazing power that is rarely accomplished -- having this opportunity will totally change your life. You will never feel lost and dazed again; you will not feel lost on your journey as you will be implemented with the correct empowerment of power to unite you correctly with the incredible natural forces of the Universe!<br /><br />

Truly this is a very rare chance to have your body be awakened and asserted with this balance power, do not miss out!<br /><br />

To activate the power in this piece, used it a pendelum.  Gaze into the paradise on the pendant as it takes you to your own mental paradise that exists deep within your own spiritual existence. <br /><br />