Undertaker's Original Dual Powers

Undertaker's Original Dual Powers

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Dunker Church<br /><br />

Dunker Church is part of the Antietam National Battlefield in Sharpsburg, Maryland. <br /><br />

The church was built in 1852 on land donated by Samuel Mumma. Many of the church's members are buried at the nearby Mumma Cemetery, also part of the Mumma farm. The church was officially dedicated in 1853.<br /><br />

Dunker Church played an important role in the Battle of Antietam in 1862. The battle was fought all around the church, and the Confederate Army used it as a medical station to help wounded soldiers. It's also believed that the Union Army used it as an embalming station after the battle. The church wasn't used for regular services until early 1864.<br /><br />

In the early 1900's, a new church was built in town and the old one was no longer used. The old church wasn't maintained, and tourists often took bricks from it as souvenirs. Because of this, the church wasn't very structurally sound, and in 1921 a large storm passed through and completely destroyed the church.<br /><br />

Steve's grandmother was a young girl when all of this occurred, she lived down the road from this church and she would play with her friends in the rubbage. <br /><br />

She said that there was always something eery about the grounds and that she often heard voices and felt almost sick when she would go there, but she wanted to fit in and went anyway.<br /><br />

Many of the adults salvaged materials in the neighbor's barn with hope's that one day the church would be rebuilt. <br /><br />

In 1951 the Washington County Historical Society purchased the property and donated it to he National Park Service. In 1960, the State of Maryland gave the National Park Service $35,000 to rebuild the church on the original site. Many of the materials used to reconstruct it are originals, including approximately 3,000 bricks, benches, flooring, and some window and door frames.<br /><br />

Mildred, Steve's grandma, was part of the team of volunteers that helped rebuild the new structure.  The only thing that still was there was the foundation in the ground from the basement of the original church.<br /><br />

They planned on cementing the basement and building the new church without one, since it would be much bigger than the original. Mildred even as an adult felt the same sensation that she did as a girl -- she thought there had to be something in the rubbage of the basement!<br /><br />

She convinced her husband and a few friends to go with her and explore the foundation before they cemented over it. <br /><br />

The team went at dusk and had flashlights, ladders and tools to see what, if anything, could be there along with the sticks, bugs and dirt. <br /><br />

Millie is very persuasive and convinced them they had to check this out... and it is a good thing they did! <br /><br />

With the ick and nastiness of spiders, mud and tree branches they found old burial tools and  a small Mason jar filled with jewelry.<br /><br />

There even were a few bones discovered.<br /><br />

Mildred was excited about the jewels and her husband thought the bones were cool. The pieces were awesome artifacts --- and Millie used the jar as a mantle piece decoration. She thought the history of the items was a great conversational piece. <br /><br />

She only ever wore one piece from the jar, a small pendant that stood out to her --- she said each time she wore it she would have an electrifying charge and things seemed more oppositional to her -- she thought it was just in her mind.<br /><br />

Steve said this is what started his interest in the paranormal, noting these cool pieces as a child at their home.<br /><br />

Last year we explored a small church in Western PA, and Steve said it reminded him of all pictures from the church that his grandma went to as a girl; he then started to tell us the story of the pieces they found.<br /><br />

Steve got permission for us to go visit his grandparents and we got to see the pieces first hand. They are freeing in their energies, and the jar still sits in the same place. Deedee knew how much they loved the story that they shared with visitors, but still offered to purchase the jar from them. <br /><br />

They didn't even think twice, looked at one another and said, YES! We couldn't believe it. Steve asked why they were willing to sell and they said that for years they knew that the pieces were encrypted with powers and they didn't want them to be thrown aside once they would pass, so knowing our line of work -- they knew they would be made available to people who will appreciate and be able to retrieve the powers.<br /><br />

They have been tested and we learned that the Undertaker at the old church would thief jewels off of the corpses after the viewings; he must have left these in the jar right before the church was shut down and never got back to get them.<br /><br />

Prospects of energies strengthen jewels when a body is comatose... they have hindered the powers of the morphing energies attached to each soul as they made their final merge to their afterlife.<br /><br />

You will be granted a connection to communicate with spirits, sense orbs of power that surround you and be able to utilize the strengths in them, conjure magic elements of the Undertaker and ritualized the secrets of elemental energies that come forth at death.<br /><br />

When ritualized and tested we learned the Undertaker was an Occultist with advanced skills and he used his job to disguise his true passion; these pieces are extraordinarily powerful and will work for both white and dark component magic!<br /><br />

We actually sold all of these pieces except for two.  They were private sales.  We are keeping one of the two for ourselves.  The other one I we are making available to you. <br /><br />