Original Investigation: Sorcery Powers Discovered

Original Investigation: Sorcery Powers Discovered

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Majestic Hidden Treasures Revealed<br /><br />

The trouble began when Rachel and her new husband, Doug, went to bed one night and were talking for a while before deciding to turn over and go to sleep. Rachel closed her eyes for a second, then opened them, letting out a gasp at the unexpected sight of a man standing over her.<br /><br />

The man took the form of a darkened shape and held out what appeared to be something like a black chiffon scarf through which she could still see him. He was about to put the scarf over her face, she could not breathe. And then he disappeared. Doug asked her what had happened, but something would not let her tell him until morning.<br /><br />

After seeing many entities in the form of dark shadows floating throughout the rooms of their home, Rachel decided to put her husband's Bible on top of their grand piano, which stood in the dining room. She opened its pages and set it atop the piano lid. They noticed that for the three weeks that the Bible rested there, no strange occurrences took place. It seemed to keep the entities away.<br /><br />

Thinking the problem had been solved, Rachel removed the Bible. When she came downstairs the next morning, she found a short nail driven into the wooden lid of their beautiful piano!<br /><br />

The nail was forcefully driven by something all the way down to the head. She was heartsick as this piano was her pride and joy, given to her by Doug. The nail was in the exact spot where the Bible had been laid.<br /><br />

Rachel carefully removed the nail, and over the years has tried to fill in the hole with waxes and polish to mend the surface. And again strange things began to happen.<br /><br />

One day as she began to polish the piano, she held the wax can in her left hand as she polished with her right. Something grabbed the can out of her hand and dropped it hard atop the piano, making a scratch and a dent on the surface. Another time, while polishing the same area, she removed a large vase which she kept there as a piano decoration; holding it in her left arm while doing her chore, again something ripped the vase from her grasp and dropped it in the center of the piano lid, leaving another large dent in the wood. <br /><br />

Rachelle, a friend of Rachel's, who is a meticulous housekeeper and appreciates fine furniture, came over to visit on two particular occasions. Instead of going right into the kitchen where we would have our coffee, she stopped in the dining area and leaned on the piano with her car keys in her hand. As she would talk and use her hands during her conversation, she unconsciously came down hard onto the piano surface with her keys. This happened on two separate occasions, leaving scratches and nicks. She never even realized she was doing it. <br /><br />

Once the spirit finished taking out its revenge on the piano, it seemed to turn its attention to the Bible itself. One day, the Bible just vanished. Doug's hobby was reading about the different religions of the world, and he always kept this Bible atop the kitchen table; now it was gone. We could not find the Bible for several months, and were about to give up looking for it, then one day some friends came over to borrow some old vinyl records that they had planned to record onto audio tapes. While they sat in the front hall going through the records on the bookcase, we all heard a thump.<br /><br />

Rachel asked what the noise was, and the friends said something had fallen behind the records. When it was retrieved, they found it was the long-lost Bible. Now, this bookcase held three shelves of records, and each shelf was just high enough in which to stand the records, allowing no space above to set a thick Bible - and therefore no way for it to fall behind the records. Also, the records were pushed back as far as they could go to the back of the shelf, yet the Bible appeared to have fallen off of the top of the records and wedge itself behind them. Simply impossible. Yet there it was.<br /><br />

Whatever or whoever this entity was, it must have been angry with Rachel and Doug from the start. They felt that it was angry because they tried to exorcise it from the house by setting the Bible atop the piano in the first place. <br /><br />

Knowing how much Rachel loved that piano, it made sure to damage it as much as possible. And when it stole Doug's beloved Bible and hid it, it occurred to Rachel and Doug that it was angry with both of them.<br /><br />

Many nights there would be loud bangs on the ceiling - strong enough to shake the house, and always in the rhythm of three bangs. Sometimes only one of them would hear it; the other one would be right there and never hear a thing. <br /><br />

The recollection of never feeling safe, or at peace in their home, caused them to look for help. Haunted Curiosities was recommended and we were able to bring clearance  to their home through eviction from a full force exorcism.<br /><br />

Our ritual procedure caprtures the entities into empty vessels as we rid the home of the unwanted spirits.<br /><br />

This home was extremely empowered with enraged strength. The capturing of the spirit took over 10 hours... it was a very dramatic and chaotic exorcism. There were many things broken and messed up during the procedure, but in the end we prevailed!<br /><br />

After a spirit is placed within a vessel we can learn more about them. We have worked with this entity and learned that they used to live in Rachel and Doug's home; he was the one who had it built. His ashes were placed within the wall of the master bedroom, as were his wishes, when he died.<br /><br />

We have learned that this man was a well known enchanter in his time, he was a passionate formulator of occult magic, his name was Vincent Hawthorne. He built the house with secret rooms and compartments that were utilized to hide his potions and emblems of power. Along with his ashes he had emblem pieces placed in the wall, and he had many other extremities of power throughout the home.<br /><br />

He was upset that Rachel and Doug were planning on renovating and expanding the home because he didn't want his pieces to fall into the wrong hands.<br /><br />

After disclosing the information to Deedee during the connection procedure, Vincent was okay with us removing his items as he knew we are familiar with occult magic. He showcased locations in the home where items could be found.<br /><br />

We contacted Rachel and Doug and they welcomed us back into their home. We explained what we learned and asked to verify one of the locations... we went to the bedroom and made a small hole in the East facing wall, where the spirit told us to, and low and behold we struck gold!<br /><br />

There were a few other locations where we retrieved items, but the majority were potion vials and spell books --- these have been kept by our office for future use, but some of the emblem items are available to you.<br /><br />

Vincents mastery skills proclaim powers of auric soul retrevertion, the ability to summons direct attacks, powers of medium-ship (visions and flashes of the past and present) and transcendent healing; these abilities are enforced in this piece and will invoke themselves within you when you conjure the power with the piece against your skin! <br /><br />