Unveiled Government Secrets

Unveiled Government Secrets

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Unveil the Governments Secrets<br /><br />

The U.S. Government lies to us about the number of terrorism convictions that are obtained each year!<br /><br />

The Justice Department likes to trumpet convictions of terrorists... besides garnering great publicity and allowing the citizenry to sleep snuggly at night, this means more money for the department. The issue is that the numbers allocated are a lie!<br /><br />

This information came forth when the convictions were examined by the Philadelphia Inquirer. They utilized the research which showcased the number of convictions that the Justice Department said involved terrorism during the five-year period, which ended on September 30, 2001. <br /><br />

There was much discern with the misclassification of examples that arose ---<br /><br />

In one instance, an assistant U.S. attorney in San Francisco asked U.S. District Judge Patel to 'stiffen a sentence' against an Arizona man who got drunk on a United Airlines flight from Shanghai. The man repeatedly rang the call button, demanded more liquor, and put his hands on a flight attendant. Justice department records show the case as a 'domestic terrorism' occurrence. <br /><br />

A drunk man with little class, although annoying and obnoxious, is not a terroristic threat. Our world is laid out with stigmas that are used to control our thought processes. <br /><br />

We constantly have differences of opinions from those around us, and things are seen differently because of how we conceptualize the media's portrayal of what happens in the world. <br /><br />

There are constant changes in energies and powers that we are unaware of. Our minds and the lobes of our brains are blocked from feeling and adhering to these changes.<br /><br />

The only way to absorb and bring the utilization of powers forward is to dissolve the shield that is projected on the human mind by the cognitive format of media, especially television.<br /><br />

From childhood we are around social networks that house componal elements that want to subside our minds with their intellect; we are blocked, shielded and made to believe what they want, and that is it!<br /><br />

This item of the monarch is an enlightening relic that brings the pure majestic process of thought back to your life. This holds the unhindered ideals of communication and idealization.<br /><br />

Incredible force of power exerts and bonds with you to teach you how to overcome the transpired triggers that have been set in place through the powers of the government.<br /><br />