Pure Sanguine Vampire Powers
Pure Sanguine Vampire Powers
Pure Sanguine Vampire Powers

Pure Sanguine Vampire Powers

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Vampire Teacher<br /><br />

This happened to my cousin Brett many years ago.<br /><br />

It was summer vacation and Brett's parents took him to New Mexico where his aunt Irene lived, intending to leave him there until the end of the summer. <br /><br />

No one asked him if he even wanted to go there, but none the less he was put there while his parents explored the lands of Europe!<br /><br />

He was mad with the whole world, especially with his parents.<br /><br />

Brett couldn't help but question what he was going to do in a strange area with a woman he barely knew?!  "<br /><br />

His mom raved about the beautiful house and garden that aunt Irene had. Brett got dropped off and decided he could either stay mad and have a miserable summer, or make the best out of the situation.<br /><br />

The first day was okay, getting to talk to Irene and all, and then the next morning he went to explore the site of his 'exile.'<br /><br />

The neighborhood was sparse, as she lived out in the middle of no where. There were maybe 20 houses in a 10 mile radius. <br /><br />

Brett noticed a whitewashed house that sat up on a hill while out exploring, it was obviously very old, but well preserved. A narrow path led to the home -- he decided to follow it.<br /><br />

He remembers that his legs hurt from the steep slope of the hill, but he finally made it to top and there he was in front of the house, it was big, spacious, solid. There was a wooden sign that read "SCHOOL" above the front door.<br /><br />

Brett heard some strange noises then asked: "Hello! Is anyone there?" He opened the creaky front door and entered a small hallway. He saw a wooden clothes tree and 2 doors, one was locked, the other one half open into a big room, which was a classroom with 2 rows of wooden desks, a teacher's desk and an elegant chair next to it, a small almost square blackboard, and a big wooden bench by the window.<br /><br />

From the far corner of the classroom  a thin man of medium height appeared, wearing a strange uniform.<br /><br />

"Good day, young man! Let me introduce myself, Alexandar Irving Kolovic!"<br /><br />

Brett then told him his name.<br /><br />

"Sincerely glad to make your acquaintance. I beg you to sit down," and he moved the teacher's chair towards Brett.<br /><br />

"Are you working at the railway?"  Brett asked.<br /><br />

"No, I used to work here. Since certain time ago I have been forced to exist in this strange condition. Excuse me, usually my guests are informed about my nature, I'm a sort of a local curiosity."<br /><br />

Brett explained: "I've just arrived to visit with aunt Irene. I don't know anything here, I just went to look around the area..."<br /><br />

"Oh, so you are Irene Pelaments' nephew?! I see. I hope I don't seem to be excessively inquisitive..."<br /><br />

"Do you always speak this way?" Brett asked looking over his antique uniform.<br /><br />

"Certainly, I seem to you to be so old-fashioned! That's true. It's been already more than 150 years that I'm not allowed to leave this room. I'm not exactly human, to tell you the truth. And honestly, I don't know myself what I am."<br /><br />

"Are you kidding? You don't look like an ancient grandpa at all! And what have you been doing in this room for so many years?", Brett asked confused and intrigued.<br /><br />

"Alas, the time does not change me any more, and I need neither rest nor sleep, but I'm still capable of suffering! I can't find peace!"<br /><br />

"I don't get it, are you a ghost or what?" Brett touched his uniform. "Unlikely. Ghosts are kind of transparent, swaying in the wind... Do you have to eat?"<br /><br />

"Ghost... Well, your definition isn't worse than others. I get nutrition in quite a complicated way. Blood is necessary for me, just a few drops are enough."<br /><br />

"So you are a vampire!" My cousin felt tingles run down his spine, but he wasn't scared, rather he was thrilled. He never expected to meet a real vampire.<br /><br />

"Oh, for God's sake, do not be afraid! Besides, I'm not allowed even to ask. I have no power over you. You can leave immediately. Knowing that you happened to be here by pure chance, I won't be offended in the least. Perhaps, you really should go. Talk to your aunt. Irene is a little bit simple-minded, but she's good-natured and knows a great deal about local miracles. She'll gladly tell you my story."<br /><br />

"No way. If you aren't going to hurt me, there's no need to leave!"<br /><br />

"If there are no visitors for a long time, my spirit will suffer like in hell!"<br /><br />

"Then do your ritual, I'm not so stingy. Will a drop of blood from my finger satisfy you?"<br /><br />

"Alas, young lad, I cannot take advantage of your more than generous offer. Are you familiar with this object? No? It's a birch-rod. The ritual is very simple. Should you be willing to perform it, you would have to undress in front of me, lie down on this bench and endure spanking until your skin breaks. Only this sort of blood brings back my strength and saves me from suffering."<br /><br />

"That's all right, I'm not very shy." Brett pulled off his clothes. "Shall I remove my underwear as well?"<br /><br />

"Yes, you should be completely nude."<br /><br />

"All right, here you are." The angrier I was getting, the least I was able to hear any voice of reason, and only dreadful tornado-like stubbornness was rapidly filling my mind. I knew it wasn't excluded that this man Kolovic was just a pervert or a maniac, but even this possibility wouldn't make me change my decision. "Where to lie down? Here?"<br /><br />

"Yes, please."<br /><br />

"Spank!" I lay on the bench, clinging to it with both of my hands.<br /><br />

"I must warn you: you may get up and leave any moment. I have no right to keep you."<br /><br />

"I won't get up and won't leave. Come on, start!"<br /><br />

The pain was so bad, almost unbearable. At some moment Alexandar got down on his knees and with his lips touched Brett's cruelly flogged buttocks.<br /><br />

"Please accept my sincere gratitude! I didn't expect, really!" Gently and carefully he lifted me off the bench. I hugged him and wept. We must have sat like this for a long time -- it was already twilight when I climbed down the hill and got to aunt Irene's house. I snuck into my room, fell on the bed with my clothes on and soon was fast asleep.<br /><br />

Brett was woken up by aunt Irene's lamenting: "Oh, what am I to do now?! He didn't tell her about his experience, thought she would never find out! <br /><br />

He heard again, "What should I do! Please, go and see how he is!"<br /><br />

"Come on, Irene, you should know. All right, we'll see, just calm down."<br /><br />

Two girls about Brett's age came into the room. "See, he's not sleeping. Hi, you're Brett, we know. I'm Sara, and she's Ashley. Yesterday we saw you going up the hill."<br /><br />

"And what?"<br /><br />

"And nothing. Show your buttocks, then we will know."<br /><br />

"You're stupid, Sara," said Ashely. "And you don't be afraid, nothing horrible has happened to you. Just tell me, did you stay to the very end? Did he kiss your buttocks?"<br /><br />

"He did. And who's he?"<br /><br />

"The former teacher. He worked at that school. Used to flog his pupils often, and once flogged a girl till she bled. She got hysterical, had a nervous break dowm. There was an investigation, the authorities came from the town, interrogated him in his classroom. He fainted, fell right by his desk and died. Since then he has stayed at the school, but not everyone can see him, only young children."<br /><br />

"So, all that is true, Brett asked?"<br /><br />

"True. And everything he told you is true. He never lies. He's a good guy. So many times he asks to get pierced by an ash-tree wood stick, but no one remembers where his grave is. By the way, he knows school subjects very well, better than our teachers, if one needs some tutoring, he'll always help."<br /><br />

Brett returned to the school one last time before his summer trip was over. Kolovic thanked him for his endurance of the spanking, and allowing him to collect blood. He gave Brett an old pencil box and told him to keep the contents safe and make sure they didn't fall into the wrong hands.<br /><br />

Brett never told his parents about this encounter until last year when he came to me with the info. He had kept the box all these years; hidden in the back of his childhood bedroom closet. <br /><br />

12 years had passed and he was about to move out when he discovered the box and then told me about the experience because of my career path.<br /><br />

He was embarrassed at first, because he was afraid that I wouldn't believe him, or that I might think he was abused and he was just led to believe it was a spirit.<br /><br />

Brett allowed Deedee to test the items inside and one item in particular was completely invoked with incredible power. The item was able to be sold to our customers, but Brett wanted to keep the box. <br /><br />

Deedee and I went to the location of the old school, but after getting there learned that it had burnt down after being struck by lightning.<br /><br />

We were hoping to encounter Kolovic ourselves. With this amulet piece and knowledge that his spirit had left the school, Deedee was able to bring forth his spirit and realized that his spirit left 12 years ago with Brett. <br /><br />

This box held the trinket that released him from the school house. Brett never really messed with the pieces because he didn't want to relive the experience, as he was afraid of what he had done; he didn't know if he made a multitude of bad energy for himself by allowing the vampire to gain his blood.<br /><br />

Anyway, the pieces were access points that held Kolovic's spirit and he was only able to leave if someone would take the piece with them, without him directly telling them he would be released. <br /><br />

This piece holds all of the 'teachers' mastery powers. He will come forth to you and live with you in your home --- making you his new student. You will learn all the mastery skills of a Sanguine vampire. <br /><br />

He will teach you new powers of genetic perception, energy detection, hyper sensibility, microscopic vision, energy absorption, shape-shifting and mass alteration.<br /><br />

This is an extremely rare opportunity to gain a pure piece from a Sanguine Vampire, where you can get the powers and strengths without being turned, or harmed by the dangers of an attack!<br />/><br

Alas, we only have one of these pieces left to showcase.  This is the piece on this page.  It is one of Alexander's original pieces.  It used to be his ring, so the powers that will be manifested unto you will be that much more powerful.  Also, this piece is cast in 925 Sterling Silver, which happens to be very conducive for maigcal purposes.   Thir ring is a great buy!! <br />/><br