Carter's Reptilian DNA,THE GREAT BRAIN

Carter's Reptilian DNA,THE GREAT BRAIN

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This is a very simple, yet very enlightening piece that holds the powers of a secret society that was built around Jimmy Carter.  Deedee tells me all the time that she believes that Jimmy Carter was a good man.  One day I asked her why she liked Jimmy Carter, because he was a democrat. If you know Deedee, you know that she isn't a huge fan of democrats.  She just told me that he was a good man, that she could tell and that was that.  I didn't ask her anything else regarding Jimmy Carter.  Years later, after we discussed the topic, we get this piece.  Then, it is all put into perspective.  Jimmy Carter is not a normal man; nor is he normal human being.  

Carter was the commander in chief for only four years.  His legacy was lived between 1977 and 1981, but before this he was the governor of Georgia.  At the Southern Governor's Conference one year, he confided in his fellow governors and other statesmen that he during his reign as governor he and ten other men saw something strange in the night sky.  It was outside a country club in Leary, Georgia.  Jimmy often spoke of this happening at political event.  However, he chose the Governor's Conference as his E.T. "coming out" party.  He told those who listened, "It was the darndest thing [he'd] ever seen.  [They] watched it for ten minutes, but none of [the men with Carter, nor Carter himself] could figure out what it was."  He vowed to never make fun of anyone who had claimed to have seen a UFO.  He then promised that under a Carter presidency that every piece of information regarding UFO sightings and such would be released to the public and scientists.  

With that being said, Carter had to look no further than himself to understand what had really happened.  In a later classified document that Carter never did release the public, he recounts other visitors from afar.  He eventually would go on to learn that these beings were purposely pursuing him, as he is one of their own.  Well, not entirely one of their own.  He is actually a hybrid between ancient Atlantis-type reptilians and a human.  How this came to pass I'm not sure.  I'm sure it has something to do with the fact that reptilians, reptoids, and all other types of alien space creature exist among us in the guise of humans.  Remember I told you, Eisenhower wouldn't let them divulge their true identities.  Well, Jimmy was an offspring of both types.  Thus, the aliens were trying to contact him to let him know his true heritage.  

Although that affidavit remains covert, Jimmy Carter did release the majority of the files having to do with UFO and aliens during his term as president.  Maybe he had some intrinsic obligation to tell the truth.  Either way, he eventually found out the truth behind who he was, shortly after he became president.  This is when his reptilian DNA was awaken four-fold and he was actually able to identify with and communicate with a number raced and beings from across the whole of the universe-- not just our own galaxy.  With his new power he gained a telepathic connection to the beings, who all share one wealth of knowledge simply called "the Cosmic Conscience."  Some just call it "the Brain."  Whatever you want to call it, it is a wealth of knowledge of the universe, existence, powers, abilities, technology and the like.  

This piece is one that was kept classified for a long time.  I can't take the liberty to tell you how we got this piece, just know that we did and we are offering it.  This piece will inject your person with your own strand of Reptilian DNA and give you an identity to the race of Jimmy Carter.  This will give you, also, an assimilation to all other celestial and extraterrestrial hosts.  You will also be given admittance to, "the Brain".  You'll be surprised what you really will find out using this knowledge and the powers you attain by being able to use "the Brain's" knowledge.  Jimmy carter was a good man, he was just a little different.  After all, he might've been a democrat, but he wasn't wholly human, which is why he shied away from the democrats otherwise destructive nature of ruining countries.  Enjoy the powers in this piece!