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Officially named the DEFENSE ADVANCED RESEARCH PROJECTS AGENCY is one of the nations most publicly secret divisions to have surface from the depths of government conspiracy.  Though, actually founded for what the government has called legitimate reasons, the general flow of the agency has taken the turn for more oppressive tides;  that is, of course, if the agency's mission statement was ever legitimate in the first place.  The agency was said to founded based solely upon the institutionalized Sputnik, the USSR's top secret military department.  During the cold war, officials say, DARPA was used to research and develop advanced methods of defense.  However, more recently they have been in cahoots with operations on weather control, brain altercation, and mind control.  This may come as a shock for some, but for others it has been just one more way to be able to control the minds of the masses.

Their latest mind control experiment has been entitled Narrative Networks.  It involves reading the minds of people through electric waves and communicating with the subliminally via the things they watch on their computer.  DARPA's network, ARPANET was the world's first operational packet switching network.  Eventually, this became what we know as the world wide web, you know WWW?  The web was originally used a defense network at military training facilities and Ivy League colleges where information could be compromised if breached.  However, DARPA took it one step further.  Well, the took it a lot of steps further when they implemented the web as a commercial tool for people all over the world to be connected.  I must say, too, that the idea was not completely commercial.  It was not money that this agency desired.  Rather it was a network to which they held all the addresses so they could see the interactions that people had on the web.

DARPA collected this information and little by little they began to notice the personalities of particular people.  Then, they would use the brain waves that were collected via electronic sampling to read the mind of a particular target.  What happens next is that they bombard the person's computer with certain electronic stimuli that allows DARPA to gain suggestive control over a person's mind, if not full control via special waves that can be sent through computer via musical samples or the sound effects of your favorite computer games.  They expanded Narrative Networks into a worldwide conspiracy, actually involving most of Europe, Asia, Australia, Northern Africa, and some places in South America... pretty much all over the world.  

What does this mean? Well, for one thing it means that George Orwell was either an amazing writer or he knew about something long before it actually happened.  Then again, who's to say he didn't possess the means to travel to the future.  This is probably very possible.  He hit the nail on the head when he wrote 1984, the book about Big Brother.  I hope that you all understand that if you read that book, you can pretty much determine that this is the way the country is headed.  The most nerve wracking part is that there is always the possibility that government is listen in on you.  Then, they will collect your data and begin getting inside of your head, emoting energies from the devices you use to access the Internet to your brain.  Then, they just need to come in and send you pictures, music and other data that will control the way you act.  I know that it sounds far fetched but it is happening and you better believe me.  They just don't talk about it.  How do you think things like the Sandy Hook Shooting happened, or Columbine, or any of those other events?  The minds of individuals have been being invaded and prepared to take care of government business for a seemingly long time now.  

There will be those that say... "BUT I DON'T EVEN OWN A COMPUTER!!??"  Well, I've got news for you.  They are coming after you through your televisions, DVRs, cell phones, and even your cameras and electronic appliances.  So, to that I say, "Rather safe than sorry!"   Without dragging this out an longer, we got these pieces from our own private connections that we have with the Pentagon.  They are called mind shields. This piece, when worn, is meant to deter these control rays that the government is emitting via subliminal messaging and sound waves.  This way, you will be able to free the brain of any actions you don't want to mentally and/or physically do yourself.  It will also prevent any future sabotage from taking place.  We live in dangerous times, folks.  If you aren't protected you are vulnerable.  Keep this in mind when determining if this piece is for you or not. I will tell you personally though, I will be keeping one for myself.