Franklin Mechanism
Franklin Mechanism

Franklin Mechanism

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One of the weirdest and creepiest people in American history, without a single doubt, was Benjamin Franklin.  Benny, as I like to call him, was born in Boston, but arrived in Philadelphia later in life.  He was statesman that at first agreed that England and the United States should remain at peace.  However, when England wouldn't have any on of it, he signed his name on the dotted line and agreed to go to war. After the war he was one of the first American citizens to help found the chapter of Freemasonry that would eventually go on to rule the United States of America.  At the first even Congressional Congress at Independence Hall in Philly, a blend of Freemasons and Illuminati would conjure the magic that would sell the soul of America to the Devil.  Afterwards, we would become the single greatest nation in the world, for a number of years, until our decline started with the election of Barack Obama.  

The magic that was summoned came from something called the Benjamin Franklin Mechanism.  To fully understand you have to understand what went on in Benjamin Franklin's head.  He wasn't all there.  Benny wasn't there, similar to the way Einstein and Hitler weren't all there.  At a young age he began writing and inventing, making music, and publishing.  You might say to yourself that this is normal.  However, as he grew older his interests turned a tab bit more sinister as he started delving in the sciences as well as the paranormal sciences.  He was a mass murderer and it has been proven time and time again, given the fact that they found a heaping pile of skeletons under the place where Franklin used to live while in Philly.  However, due to the fact that the people who rule America did not want to ruin their polished reputation, they hid and destroyed any known, official documentation of what I'm calling the Franklin Body count.  I don't think that he wanted to murder these people and I don't know if it was done in cold blood.  However, his fixation with electricity would dictate irrational behavior where he would think that if somebody had to die for the better good of understanding electric, then it had to be done.  

Franklin was so intrigue with electricity, in fact, that he would throw parties where he would make guests drink of out what he called electric bumpers.  That is, he would make the drink out of drinking glasses that were wire to an old-fashioned type of battery.  This way when the guest went to drink from the cup, they would a slight jolt of electricity on their lip.  Another great idea and party favor of arriving at one of Franklin's shindig's was electrocuted turkey.  Sound yummy?  Well, it probably taste pretty burnt considering the fact that Franklin would jolt the electricity straight through the bird-- sometimes even when it was still alive.  They say that this is nearly impossibly simply because the batteries and electricity of the day weren't strong enough to accommodate such a jolt.  I bed to differ, as you will see.  

By now you're probably wondering what I'm getting at?  Well, like I've said the power that is in this piece comes from Franklin.  Well, not direct from Franklin, but with the help of a bit of his Freemason magic he was able to alter electricity in such a way that he could make a travel mechanism.  The electric compound was altered in such a way it would not shock the participant.  Rather he hooked the mechanism, the participant and a globe all together in one big old jumbled mess.  Then he would pump the altered electricity through the participants body.  On a globe Franklin had pin pointed areas of the world where there were said to be magical powers.  For instance, in Egypt there is the power of the Pyramids, who live and breath life and magic into the environment.  In Asia, there is the powers of the Orient, which is embodies all magic and energies that exist naturally in the Environment.  In North and Central American there are the Mayans who successfully managed the art of time travel and have demonstrated this in the crafting of their short and long count calendar and their time discs.  SO, anyway, there are points plotted on this globe.  The participant, wearing the mechanism, traces the finger along the globe, stopping where they want to journey and from where they want their magic.  Then, they stop.  The electric that is being pumped into their body allows them to leave their body and travel, in a straight line to wear they want to go, in soul-astral form.  When the "bounce back" as they called it, they have acquired their magic or power!!  

Over time, this mechanism has been passed down to secret organizations have used the powers for multiple different purposes including gaining magic and powers, spying on the Russians during the Cold war, the Philadelphia Experiment which went completely awry, etc.  The most recent division of the government to have used the mechanisms is NASA, which somehow found a means of using to to travel through space faster than the speed of light!  Also through the years, the energies in the original mechanism have been cleaned up and transformed.  It was duplicated into more modern and contemporary items.  It is believed to have been used to conduct secret missions on the Moon, Mars, and one of Jupiter's moons.  It has also been used by President Reagan to travel to a far away galaxy and bring back the likeness of advanced nuclear technology.  I mean, where else would we have gotten it?  Do you really think Americans are that smart?  Nuclear weapons haven't been around since the first time the were given to humans and they wiped out Sodom and Gomorrah with that supposed raining of fire brimstone from the bible.  

Either way, this is one of those pieces.  It holds all the powers of the original Franklin Mechanism.  With this piece you will be able to simply point to any plot on a map and you will travel through the sustenance of the universe, faster than the speed of light.  You can use this piece to astrally project your soul to anywhere that you have a map for.  You can use it for this world, Mars, Uranus, any point in the galaxy.  As long as you have a map for it.  This piece will even allow you to create your own worlds to travel to by drawing them on a piece of paper. Touch the drawing and watch it come to life.  You have to remember the power in this piece works because electricity it everywhere.  It is the sustenance of the universe that brings us Sun and the stars and all other forms of life.  You can use this piece to store up any powers you find along the way!  This is how the first congress gained their powers by using this piece  This piece is very-- well-- electrifying!!  You DON'T want to pass this one up!!

This ring is sterling silver and a size 10. It is also needed to note that when traveling you may change a situation and as long as wearing the ring bring items back.