With It, He Goes On All Fours
With It, He Goes On All Fours

With It, He Goes On All Fours

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This piece provides a most powerful ability that is usually only reserved for the most evil of beings.  It is an ancient Native American power that was made by a Navajo Witch.  We were called in to do an investigation in New Mexico, not realizing that the witch who called us there was the culprit we were looking for.  This is because she appeared to us as a young lady who told us that a cottage she had inherited seemed to be possessed by some sort of weird power.  The second night she was staying there, she noticed some of the livestock that she took care of for her uncle was chewed up beyond recognition, with only the bones remaining.  A week later it was the family dog.  
The aim of the witch was to get us there, to capture us, and to make us the prisoners of one of her weird rituals.  I guess she learned about us from one of her friends that bought off of us before in Texas.  She knew that curiosity would get the better of us-- after all, it's in our name.  At first, we figured there was an issued with wolves or coyotes.  We pointed her in the direction of the local authorities.  When this ploy didn't work, she called us up frantic, telling us that she seen a "brown skin man" changing into a wolf, that he knew that she knew and that he was going to probably break into her house and kill her.  
Little did we know, she is actually an immortal Native witch, who sold her soul to the dark forces in order to gain the ability to do any magic that she wanted.  One of these forms of magic was shape-shifting into what the Natives called a skin-walker.  We agreed to do the investigation, but as soon as we got there, Deedee told us that there was something fishy with this one.  She told us that she didn't like the girl's face, which if you know Deedee, is pretty common sense.  We didn't think anything of it.  
However, when Deedee saw a vision of an old hag looking creature attempting to suck our souls from our body, she told us that the investigation had to end.  When we told the young lady, she got incredibly angry and changed back to her original form.  Luckily Deedee was already with a piece that contained a submission spell.  It made the witch helpless against us and fully comply with our will.  It turns out that there was no cottage in the woods, which she assuredly had given us the directions to.  There was no livestock and no family dog.  We forced her to tell us the truth.  
In order to drain her of her powers and her wicked ways, we took this piece from her.  However, one power remains.  That is the ability to take the form of a skin-walker.  A skin-walker is merely Native American's version of a werewolf.  In fact, it actually entails any form that you wish to take.  As long as you have the right magic, like the magic that is in this piece, you can use it to shape shift into anything that you want.  
This power has always been associated with evil, as it was commonly believed that in order to gain this ability, one had to sacrifice a family member.  I don't know how true these claims are, but we don't take chances.  We flushed this piece with white light energy, to make sure that it holds no negative notes of power at all.  What is left is the uninhibited ability to become a skin-walker.  You can use this piece to literally shape shift into anything that you choose to change into.  There are no limitations.  You become a werewolf, a were-bear, a vampire, a fairy, a leprechaun, or take the form of anther human.  The best part about it is that when you transform yourself into any creature or another powerful human being, you obtain their powers and abilities.  This means you can essentially gain any power you want simply by changing your form.  
For instance, while we were testing this piece, I used it to fly into the Bohemian Grove in the form of an owl.  While I was there I clutched up a piece that provides immortality for whomever wears it.  That is for another time, so just know that this piece is very powerful and will give you all that you've ever wanted.