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These are amazing spirits. They top ANY Djinn,Genie,or what ever those things are called Kodam,kodami,whatever. I'm not saying those things are bad or don't work as I'm sure they do but this is the be all end all.

Let me tell you why and How they are created.

These are better because they want to do as you say. There is no trickery as there are with any other type of Genie. The genie are foul little beings to begin with and do not like humans. You can get some that do or some that have been tricked but in the heart they just don't have it in them,these do.

These are Gods form of Djinn and Genie.

How they are made.

God sends a vision to someone and instructions. They must then gather earth,fire,air and water. This is done by getting people of different elements to come together and and make a figure. This a long time ago was done with clay. I have one of these myself and I can tell you we have bonded like knotted rope. He watches over everything I have and does what I ask him to do but there is also a love bond there. There is no end to what he can do and you will be very happy with yours.

These are made the same way using different materials and once made ( a one of a kind item) a life of fire is breathed into the being,this gives him life and allows him full power to give as anything in heaven would. The thing is not all people can do this. You are chosen to get the vision and then you must gather people of the astrological signs of the elements to do the creation. It is a process,thats for sure but once it is done,it is done.

These do all that you need them to do and they love you,there are feelings here with these beings. They are not trapped they are in service to you. They seem to really like Jewish people and gravitate to them but they won't leave you. Once you have them,they are yours and will love you and do anything for you. Healing,financial,love,magic,youth,you name it.

This ones name is Astyim

This is in sterling silver and an antique. To get your  Golem you just blow into it and they will be there. I forgot to mention that they do not speak but they do understand you.