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Anneliese Michel: the Girl Who Beat the Devil

Ever see the movie, “the Exorcism of Emily Rose?” Okay, well if you haven’t seen that one I’m nearly positive that you’ve seen, “the Exorcist.” It is an American classic-- a story of truth behind what can really happen when things go horribly awry-- horribly, spiritually, awry. The human mind, in its own physical and mental form, is a powerful tool; but when not properly looked over or taken care of, it can become a defenseless source of energy, prone to the invasion of any entity; especially an evil one. Evil entities may appear as helpful or even inviting to those who are spiritually weak or unknowing. That is why we are offering the piece below.

This is an original piece used in one of the 67 exorcisms performed on Anneliese Michel, a girl from Germany who picked up a demon that refused to leave. Anneliese first noticed that she was possessed by demons on a religious pilgrimage she took in 1976. She couldn’t walk by statues of Jesus or drink out of a holy spring. She wanted to, but her body took over and wouldn’t let her-- the demons were in total control. By the time she returned home, the demons were so embedded in her body and her soul that she sought out advice and procedural assistance from Catholic clerics, who were able to help her minimally.

As it turned out, Anneliese was actually possessed by a number of demons ranging from Judas Iscariot to Adolf Hitler. The priests were successful in driving out some of the bad spirits, but not all of them. The longer the root of the problem existed, the harder it was for the priests to exorcise Anneliese. She began eating bugs, lapping her own urine from the floor, squatting in excess of 400 times a day, and talking in voices that were unfamiliar to her and those who knew her. Not all of the demons would leave; and, finally, Anneliese accepted her fate as that of a sacrifice to the Lord. In her mind, she was apparently commissioned to die as a means of atonement and reconciliation between wayward priests, rebellious youths, other transgressors, and God. She refused to eat, diminishing herself to a mere 68 pounds and ultimately passing away at the age of 23. It was a horrible tragedy, I am surely aware of this. A few years back, we sent an expeditionary crew to Germany to pay respect on our behalf and also see if they could find any possible archaeological evidence into the over-publicized life of this for German girl.

What our crew was able to find was an original piece used in the exorcism of Anneliese Michel. It is a very powerful piece that has been infused with an angelic mysticism that has been passed down from generation to generation in the semi-Masonic, Order of St Benedict. You can see the piece itself, as it is pictured below. The piece also holds the spirit of the late Anneliese Michel, who is believed by some to have become the Matron Saint of Exorcisms. Our team held a séance, asking her to bless the piece with her presence.

The result of our efforts is a piece that is multifunctional as both a defense, and healing piece. It is a defense piece, because it is infused with the angelic powers of St. Benedict and the spirit of Anneliese Michel. It will ward off evil entities, allow you to always walk in the light, steering you clear of those spirits and demons that want nothing more than to cause your body harm. It forms something like a spiritual force field around your spiritual being and soul to keep it safe from the Devil. It acts as a healing piece, because it will let you drive out demons via exorcisms and prayer rituals. You will be given divine power over spiritual entities, that will force the demons to obey your command to leave a human body and never come back. You can send the demon back to where it came from or vanquish it on the spot. Just know for every demon that is vanquished to Satan, he grows that much stronger, essentially allowing him to manifest it into a newer, more advanced demon.

This piece is proven to be powerful, we have tested it for the past several years now. I have personally witnessed it draw demons out of more than a dozen possessed individuals. This is a good piece to have , so you should take advantage of it immediately.

The blue pendant illuminates with the richness of sanctity that will fill your body with the protective and healing qualities that are empowered within this stunning necklace!