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Dogonic Mysticism

I was visiting Mali on an investigation of Lake Korarou. There is a rich history and many theories surrounding the origins of the lake, so I wanted to check it out to see what it was worth. About an hour or two into my investigation, I was approached by two young men. Til this day I couldn’t really tell you what their names were. The men spoke English, but not very well; their language was broken and difficult to understand. I was able to understand the basics of the message they wished to convey to me and it was this. They wanted me to follow them, for whatever reason and for whatever it was worth.

I daresay I am somewhat of a risk taker, to follow two random African men out into a terrain that was completely unknown and impassable-- to me anyhow. I have to say, though, I am glad that I took my chances, because adventurer in me-- the part of me that seeks thrills and spills-- led me to a rich source magic that, never before, was I accustom to or familiar with. It was a magic that was kept under rap in the heart of the African plains. The magic is one that, unless you are a native, you probably aren’t too familiar with. I mean, people know about it, but they don’t fully understand it; but now I do. I guess I’m just lucky like that.

The two men took me to a small family compound that looked like something directly out of the children’s show, the Wild Thornberrys. The place compound was constructed of several structures, made of mud and other earthen materials. There were approximately a dozen or so folks living at the family compound, but I was so much worried about the rest of them as I was the one that the two men took me to. He seemed to be the leader of the place. He much older, and haggard in appearance; by my standards, anyhow.

There was a brief exchange of words between my escorts and the old man, nothing I could understand, of course. Then, the old man motioned for me to come forward and take a seat. I was afraid of what they might have planned for me, but I was more afraid of what might happen to me if I directly disobeyed the old man, the one who seemed to in charge in these parts. So, I inched forward, cautious of my surroundings. I plopped on my butt in the sand and looked up at the old man with wide, curious eyes. The man must’ve understood, because he looked down at me, smiled, and mimicked my actions. To my astonishment, the old guy actually spoke pretty decent English.

He informed me that the two young men had found me exploring the lake and had originally planned to kill me and use me for as an informal offering to the goddess of fertility for desecrating her holy land. However, after studying me, they realized that I meant no harm to anyone or anything. They realized I was simply curious of what the land had to offer, so they brought me back to village; more specifically to this family compound. And this man sitting in front of me? Why, he was an original spirit diviner of a group of people known as the Dogons.

A little history on the Dogons-- they are descendants of the Egyptians. I’m not talking like King Tut Egyptians. I mean the ancient, ancient, original Egyptians. The ones that really held the magic. So, what transpired next really didn’t surprise me much. I was a little set back at first, but considering, I wasn’t really that surprised. He shook my hand, as is customary in western culture, but probably not theirs. Afterwards, he held out the piece that you see below, dangling it into my clutch, and eventually releasing the piece to me entirely. The entire time he was chanting in some language; and please don’t even begin to inquire as to what that language was, because the answer remains: I have no freaking clue.

Anyway, once he relinquished full possession of the piece, my body was thrown into a trance like state. I didn’t mind, though, as I could feel my spiritual essence-- my very soul-- be lifted from its own place, into a place of higher existence. I was in a state of Euphoria. Suddenly, my consciousness was completely cleared of all the superficial junk and I understood-- I mean, really understood-- what this life was all about. There were spiritual presences all around me, and I could actually notice them without performing some kind of séance or ritualistic ceremony. My spirit was set free. After about an hour, the diviner began to chant again. This time, I began my descent back into the normal scope of reality; but I have to tell you, it was one wicked awesome experience. The best part about the whole trip? After I explained to the diviner that I was on a search for answers-- that I was on an expedition to answer the unexplainable-- he allowed me to have the piece that he had used in the previous ritual.

Now, I am finished using this piece and I am making available for you guys. With this piece your entire spirit will be elevated. You will taken into a higher scope of reality and spiritual existence. Once you are there, you will fully understand the meaning of life and what it entails and includes. You will be able to see outside the box, for once-- I mean you will really be able to “see.” This piece will allow for interaction and communication among spirits of a realm that exists parallel to ours and on the same Earth, as we know it. You will be able to walk among them to obtain their wisdom, understanding, and spiritual essences. You will be able to develop a spirituality that will allow for astral travels among multiple different plains of existence. This piece will obviously work, as you can see I have had quite the experience in obtaining it. I think that this is one of the most original and fun pieces that I have encountered in a while. You will receive the piece, as it is depicted below.

It is sterling silver and very old... this is a rare piece that will elevate your spirit and evoke communication that will heighten your connection to the realms of the universe!