Ameru Muru's Sun Disc/Gateway of the Gods

Ameru Muru's Sun Disc/Gateway of the Gods

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This piece contains chips of the rock doorway located in Peru that is known to the Pagan locals as the Gate of the Gods.  The doorway was first discovered by a tour guide in 1996 and has been the subject of much speculation since its discovery.  However, to these same locals the "discovery" of the eternal doorway is no such surprise, because to them it has never been lost.  

The gateway is the portal from whence came the first Incan Priest-King, Amaru Muru.  He was an astrological being sent forth from the realm of eternal light as a gift to humanity to lead them to ethereal wholeness.  He founded the Inca civilization in the hopes of freeing these people from their mortal bounds and releasing their minds into the eternal ever after, where they could experience true personal enlightenment and free flowing magic from a realm that has been created by gods of pure light and true knowledge.  

At the fall of the Inca empire during the siege of the civilization by the Spanish conquistadors, the same Priest-King who guided the Incan nation towards their quest of magic and spirituality was seen by the giant doorway holding a glowing sun disc.  The portal opened for a brief second and thru it he went, never to be seen or heard of again. 

Amaru Muru mission was partially complete and you can tell by researching the Inca nation and seeing for yourself that they were people closely related to the Mayans and held much of the same magic, prophecy and power.  It was finally complete later when the entire Incan race was ascended to the realm from which Amaru Muru had descended from and returned to already.  Just like their Priest-King, the entire civilization slipped into a ripple in time never to be heard from again   It remains one of history's greatest secrets.  

It doesn't have to be a secret though.  This piece tells it all-- the entire story.  It contains chips of the rock surrounding the giant stone portal in Peru.  It is the resurrection of the Sun Disc and will open up the portal for you.  You will be able to see through the Gateway of the Gods into their divine Hall of Records to obtain their pure white light knowledge and spiritual enlightenment.  It will give you a source of very pure, white light magic that has been used in the realm of these gods since the beginning of time.  

The magic you are receiving is the same power that has fortified all of the Incan fortresses and other secret space mechanisms and astrological secrets that are held in their structures.  Once again, it will bring the Sun Disc of Ameru Muru to life for you.  This piece will resurrect the magic Sun Disc.  It is true inter-spacial alchemy that will allow not only white light magic but will allow you to create ripples in time to slip through just like the Incan civilization slipped through to their new realm safe from the onslaught of others.  With this magic you will be able to travel to places along the space-time continuum to experience times, places, and realms that you wish to experience.  It also provides psychic magic and the spiritual enlightenment/opening of the third eye to achieve maximum spirituality and magical ability.   

NOTE* This piece was not made out of the stones or the rocks but laid with them in total absorbtion. As long as you have some of this ring it will work. Also please note that this is a total time travel piece as well as long as when you walk through the opening you decide in your mind the year you wish to visit. We are actually thinking of opening a program where people will work for us doing this and we pay for your time to travel and bring us back the items we are seeking. As soon as we know how we are going to do this we will place a notice up. We have an item that comes from Montauk that allows for this.