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The government is up to no good again.  I mean, they've always been up to no good; but this time it hit a little closer to home.  Last week we were called into an investigation from a local client of ours who shares an affinity for our hatred of Obama.  For a while he was complaining to us that the government was spying on him, they were tapping his phone calls, etc.  He would even sit in his room with little tin caps on his head so that way they couldn't invade his brain.  We all thought he was crazy.  That's until we got the phone call.  
A few weeks ago we got the phone call from the man's sister telling us that the man had gone completely loopy.  We're talking like bat-shit crazy.  He went from being an otherwise normally healthy guy to not even knowing who he was.  Although his sister was able to convince him to stay... somehow... we walked into utter disaster.  He 1.) thought his name was Emilio,  2.) thought he was a citizen of Peru, 3.) spoke only Spanish, not one work of English!  He had never even had Spanish influence around.  

Nonetheless we were able to perform an extraction ceremony to professionally extract a spell that had been cast on him.  I cannot confirm from what level it was thrown at him, but it was a hex from the government, which tells me the time has come folks.  The Illuminati is in full swing, attempting to take over the world with their dark arts and magic. They are well on the way to fulfilling the prophecy of the one world religion.  

Anyhow, the point is that after the extraction ceremony, our client was fine.  He thanked us and we gave him a protection charm.  In exchange we were able to keep the extracted power for ourselves by casting into this piece with an infusion spell.  

This item holds the power to scramble your adversaries brains.  You can use it as the government has to just create a jumbled mess in the mind of your target if that is what you're interested in.  You can also use to completely control all functions on your mortal target, or to completely shut down the functions of their brain period.  You can use this piece to create thought forms to cast into others' minds or to steal thought forms from there's.  There is nothing more powerful than a person's mind, and this piece gives you the ability to control the minds of those around at all times that this piece is in your possession. 
NOTE* If you keep up with the news you will have seen that Odumbo has told the Military and various others that Christians are to be considered as terrorists. I find this quite amazing considering that the Muslim that shot those in the DC base was NOT considered a terrorist but then again we are dealing with someone under the influence of the Satanic darkness. But whats new? Either way Christians,Jews and many others are being attacked by Obama and by the media. Remember that if you look into the past you are sure to see your future and I think this a future none of us wants. All you have to do is think Nazi Germany and the rounding up of the Jews. When the Jews were rounded up it just wasn't in Germany it was done in many countries so prepare yourself and protect yourself. These pieces can help with not just protection but mind control on you and your family and YES it includes your family if they live in the home with you. This will also prevent those strange sounds or frequencies that seem to soak into your mind and they DO alter the way you think. These asre wonderful for anyone and you only need to hang them in your home. Of course you also get all the power of the abpve as mentioned. These are simple rosaries that  can be hung. Sorry I do not have a picture but I will try and get one one.