Bohemian Grove Witch

Bohemian Grove Witch

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A wise old owl sat on an oak.  The more she heard, the less she spoke.  The less she spoke the more she heard.  What every happened to that wise old bird?

For years this wise old witch inhabited the grounds that are known as Bohemian Grove, watching as the satanic ritualism took place at the hands of our country's leaders and most influential politician.  The Bohemian Grove is an oasis of dark, satanic magic for initiates of the Illuminati.  It is where the most powerful of the group, or shall I say the most promising of the group, go through initiation rites.  Here they become immortal men who sell themselves to darkness in exchange for sex, money, and power.  It is here they set their own constituents free to hunt them in the woods as a game of sacrifice to those dark gods who are going to promise them power and prestige and immortality.  It is also here, atop Ancient Oak that this witch dwelt for years watching on in horror, absorbing all of the Illuminati powers, absolving them, infusing them with white magic, and transforming them into her own powers and abilities.  That is until she was caught.  

The day she was blindsided was the day that she was cast into this piece.  She was put into this piece as a mockery, because her animal form was a wise old owl.  It was how she performed her espionage on these power hungry elites.  These animals did bad things to this witch, before she was cast into this owl charm.  The beat her, spit on her, raped her for sacrificial rites, and denounced her ancient bloodline.  However, before she was cast into her prison she uttered a curse upon the whole grove vowing her vengeance to fall down on the heads of the whole lot.  It has been years since this has happened and that ancient white witch was cast into her eternal prison.  The Illuminati High Priest hid her for a while, keeping this piece among the most elite of their bunch, using this piece and abusing her powers.  However, this piece has fallen out of the clutches.  I don't really know how or when or where.  All I know is that I ended up with the piece and it is very, VERY powerful.  

This piece is the resurgence of the wise old owl-- the White Witch from the Bohemian Grove.  Her powers have sat brewing and magnifying for years since she has been held captive in this piece.  When you meditate with this piece, the green eyes of the wise owl will begin to glow.  It will resurrect the witch, whose name is Cassandra.  You call her Cassie for short.  Her powers will begin to seep through your very veins and soon you will be seeing with eyes, hearing with her ears, and knowing with her brain.  Every power she has ever known or seen or practice will become all yours!  You will know the code of her ancient white craft and will experience the power of her Illuminati magic and immortality that she has turned completely white.  It will give you a dual source of wisdom that will give you the knowledge of magic since before the human mind could eve process what magic was-- a magic so old that is was the magic that was used by witches at the beginning of time, both white and dark.  It will give you spiritual immortality that will allow your soul to break free of its human lifecycle to exist dually with Cassandra as an ancient white witch with the most powerful magic and abilities!  Plus, you'll know all the dark secrets and magic of the Illuminati.  With the coming of Ages and war against Good and Evil, this is the perfect piece for your collection!!  You don't want be without this piece!!  
This piece is in Sterling silver.