Marie Laveau Voodoo Pins #4: Vampire Blood Pin
Marie Laveau Voodoo Pins #4: Vampire Blood Pin
Marie Laveau Voodoo Pins #4: Vampire Blood Pin

Marie Laveau Voodoo Pins #4: Vampire Blood Pin

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If you listen to the history books or read accounts of Marie Laveau  there are those that say she only lived in New Orleans.  That's not true.  How would these people know?  They weren't alive at the time, now were they?  Little things that we, as humans, feel are insignificant go unspoken.  Nonetheless, they are there and they are important.  Marie Laveau actually travelled more oft than not.  In fact, she was often given expensive, lavish gifts that by business men and vacationed with her female friends.  In return for the power, insight, magic, and revenge she was paid in lots of different ways.  Trips were just one method of payment.  

Little known to most, Ms. Laveau had a particular fancy and preoccupation with the Palace of Versailles.  The Palace is where another prominent woman of magic had lived prior to Marie Laveau's arrival.  A woman who went by the name Maria Antoinette.  I'm sure most of you are familiar.  The particular property she chose to stay at is known as Le Petit Trianon.  Even til this day, the property is said to be haunted... perhaps by Marie Antoinette-- maybe it had something to do with Marie Laveau's magic.  However, the place definitely has an affinity with those named Marie.  Moreover, it is a haven of magic and paranormal activity for those who are keen for it.  This is why I decided to travel there myself.  I have gone because of a general interest I have in historical haunts and/or the unusual.  I decided to stop at this place after hearing the Marie Laveau had frequented it herself.  

Le Petite Trianon stands just outside of Paris among the vast and rambling ground of the Palace of Versailles.  Although there are stories and legends of numerous haunts and sights including Marie Antoinette herself, the most famous of them all was the accounts of woodlands and houses that have not been there for centuries.  This is the place where magic runs rampant.  I discovered this myself after visiting the place.  It a magic place where plains of our own existence are interconnected and intertwined among a vast networks of existence.  This is why Marie Antoinette, and Marie Laveau after her, had an infatuation with the place.  It was the latter of the two, the Great Voodoo Priestess, had the most powerful presence of the two.  These pieces were at one time Laveau's own.  I found them during an investigation.  

While I was investigating the area, I was able to slip through realms just as Marie Laveau was able to during her trips and times to the Palace of Versailles.  These special realms are where I found these five items.  As I travelled the realms, I found these individual pieces suspended in mid air floating in blue light, fortified in a magical bubble.  It was the magic of Marie Laveau that she had used to preserve the magic and power of the pieces.  Since these pieces are from different realms, the powers they hold are at least 1000 times more powerful than those powers that are found and located in our own realm.  They are all white light voodoo powers and each pin represents a different powerful magic.  They are sold separately. 

This piece is a vampire blood pin.  I found it during my vision when I was taken to an ancient mausoleum in the middle of the woods-- the same woods that the witches cottages were in and the graveyard where I found the heaven hound.  This piece has more of a darker undertone to it, but it is not strictly dark.  It is both dark and white magic.  The pin contains a drop of sanguine vampire blood that has been crystallized and set into this pin.  Again, I found this piece suspended in air like the others, protected and fortified by a light blue hazy light.  It was put there by Marie Laveau as a sort of time capsule of remembrance for those who found the realms she once visited upon visiting Le Petite Trainon-- the palace with a palace located at the Palace of Versailles.  

The mausoleum that I found this piece at was not a very large structure, but it was large enough for me to walk through to encounter wooden coffins, all marked with red crosses on the top, but which were rather plain looking other than that.  In corner of the mausoleum was an eternal flame of the un-dead and a Latin inscription that I couldn't make out, but when I traced in with my fingers I could tell it was the name of a very ancient coven of vampires.  It was after I traced the inscription that the pin appeared to me, suspended in mid air.  

After testing this piece for a few days, We were able to determine that this piece holds the energies that has roused an ancient sanguine vampire from the coven that had once occupied the now otherwise vacant mausoleum.  This vampire is dual form and can bring you the deepest, most powerful form of magic and knowledge from both ends of the spectrum.  He will bring you sanguine powers from sphere of darkness and the sphere of light.  He is an extremely powerful and experience practitioner of both spheres.  When you awaken him he will bond with your spirit, manifesting his powers, in full swing, through your own existence.  It is a rare and powerful form of soul alchemy that will allow the powers in this crystallized drop of vampire blood to live on through your own blood. 


NOTE* I want to let you all know that I did not use magic to enter these realms at all. The woods that is part of the palace has these buildings,homes that appear to only some people. Your out walking enjoying the woods and these houses show up. They look as real as the house you live in and in fact you can't tell the difference other then you feel the need to go in and you MUST go in! In each building as I went in right in the middle of the building was a stick floating in mid air.  These pieces glowed and I feel that they know who can see them,who has the power of the otherside as I do. Even though I saw them floating when I left and spoke to others I was told that no other homes or buildings had existed for 100's of years. Strange and odd as it is these types of magic are the most powerful because they have existed in our time as well as the otherside and hold the most powerful energies you can get just because of that fact. Once you are touched by a spirit you too will forever be changed,it's just how it is.