Tower of Souls
Tower of Souls
Tower of Souls

Tower of Souls

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I'll say right off the back that this piece isn't for the meek or weak of heart.  This piece pure power and is the reality of how some of their powers trace their origins.  While, it is not a dark item at all, WHATSOEVER, it contains a few darker undertones.  The power that is housed in this piece is not to be taken lightly as it is truly one of the most powerful pieces that I have ever encountered.  I'm not really sure exactly how old the item is because it was given to me during an investigation.  

The investigation took place in the Tower of London, which I am going to dub the tower of souls.  If you have any ounce of psychic ability in you at all, you surely know why I would nickname the place such a thing.  I mean, it's no secret that there were ample murders, torturing, and crude human experiments that went on within the vicinity of the Tower of London.  It is a haven of soul energy and, quite honestly, even if you don't exhibit an ounce of psychic ability, the tower will give you an ominious feeling.  It is just that kind of place

The Tower of SOuls is the most infamous haunted dwelling in human history-- and if "most" isn't the correct word, it is a close second.  However, I cannot think of single place that had more soul energy than what I have encountered in this location.  My psychic ability picked up on it immediately and it was like the soul energy psychic energy built upon one another.  When I was first introduced into the torture chamber, I practically felt my skin crawl.  It was a solemn procession as we made our way through the number of torture devices used on the constituents of medieval London.  There was no mercy here.  It is a fact.  

Facts state that the Tower was build over a two-hundred year period beginning in the 11th Century and ending in the 13th.  It is seen as an architectural wonder, has 20 towers and occupies 18 acres of land.  History states that the towers were used as a prison facility by English Monarchs.  It is supposedly haunted by the likes of Queen Jane Grey who held the throne for just over a week. It is also said to have been the death place of two of wives of Henry the VIII Anne Boleyn, and Katherine Howard.  The most disturbing of the haunts include two younger males who were the nephews of King Henry VIII.  He murdered them after the death of his Brother Edward V so he could assume the place as rightful heir to the throne.  However, after obtaining this item I'm beginning to think more and more that these deaths were part of something more orchestrated-- in fact, I know they were.

During my investigation, I was given this item by a figure in a cloak who was wearing a white-as-snow plague mask with a beak that extended towards the floor.  As I rounded one of the corners to a new exhibit the figure in the black cloak beckoned me.  I remember thinking that he was part of the exhibit.  He spoke no words.  He simply dropped this item in my hand.  I turned around a began around the corner.  Thinking maybe I should inquire as to what the piece was I turned to ask the man was nowhere to be found-- vanished into thin air.  He definitely didn't give off the energy of a spirit, but then again the whole place was so thick with souls in atmosphere it would have been difficult to distinguish the difference anyhow.  After conferring with the rest of my tour group (it was actually an undercover investigation) I was told there were no actors for the exhibit.  It was at this point I knew the piece must hold some special power... but what?  

I've used this piece time and time again to travel back into time to the Tower of London to learn the truth.  It has revealed to me that the murders weren't taking place for just normal crimes.  It was actually a designated place for holding ritualistic and satanic rites of the Illuminati-- one for which they needed to sacrifice souls.  It explains the reasoning behind the murder of otherwise innocent souls.  They used the energy in the blood and souls of their victims to strengthen their own magic and powers.  They used these powers to enhance their own positions of authority and power within the world.  I mean, why do you think the British Empire was the most influential in history?  I was Satanic Illuminati Magic.  This piece is proof.  

This item holds the white light presence of thousands of souls who have been murdered in the Tower of Souls.   These souls neutralize the dark connotations of the Satanic energy that has also been placed in this piece.  In this way it is a dual piece and will not hurt you in any way shape or form.  In fact, if anything these lost souls will protect from undergoing the same grievances they had to encounter at the hands of the social elite and Illuminati in the Tower of Souls.  

This piece brings you the pure knowledge of the Illuminati.  I'm talking wealth powers, luck powers, spells, ritual magic, soul alchemy... the whole works.  It actually is the Illuminati powers in its purest form.  Remember, Illuminati powers hold no dark or light energies-- it is simply determined by who holds the powers and what they want to do.  This is your own essence of Illuminati powers in raw form as if it had come from the Egyptians themselves, with the fusion of over 1000 white light souls.  It is the epitome of white magic, but is dual in nature because it was used in conjunction with Satanic worship and magic.  Thus, this piece will pretty much guarantee you the ability of any magic over both the dark and light spectrum of power.  You can use this piece during your rituals or rite to gain the powers you want and to strengthen the magic you already have. 
NOTE* This piece is in Sterling silver with a real Tiger Eye stone that has a carving of a soldier. After having this piece for a while I have seen that this was the beginning of the Illuminati and that all they did was to set a class of people through the use if magic This is why the magic is dual. They have to have something for everything and everyone. They needed to aquire money and wealth and yet also destoy a persons mind if they needed to or even sway a decision if they had to do that. They neeeded to enslave if it was needed and to also control the population of the then political parties! This was the firat building of a NWO empire.
This ring is rare and even in a rare shape. It is not bent nor broken but when I hold it I know that something who claimed to be human wore it yet they wore a mask. This was some creature that looked as a snake hooked beast but was able to allow others to view him much differently. I have used this piece in more then a few ways. I used it to nearly blow up the mind of a very bad person who was doing unspeakable acts. It worked. 
To use this item in anything,spell,ritua,calling the dead,mind altering,just anything at all. Wear the ring any way you wish and think about what you need to do or what needs to happen and who it needs to happen to and then command that it be done and bet your ass it happens,that siimple. I wiol only ever have 0ne of these so if it calls to you,jump on it.