I'm a Soul Man:  Vampire Soul Collector
I'm a Soul Man:  Vampire Soul Collector
I'm a Soul Man:  Vampire Soul Collector

I'm a Soul Man: Vampire Soul Collector

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I'm a Soul Man:  Vampire Soul Collector

In general the term "soul collector" isn't exactly the best terminology.  It usually depicts a sort of demonic being that roams the earth a preys on the souls of hapless victims-- most of the time these souls are already passed on souls or the souls living beings who are on the last leg of their mortal journey.  They usually don't take full grown souls, but there are exceptions to every rule, I suppose and soul collectors have no bounds on the souls they are allowed to steal.  I guess it just comes easier for them to collect the souls of the weak. 

Either way, a recent meeting with Shine has motivated me to call this piece the Vampire Soul Collector, because in all actuality that what this piece is.  It came to my attention for the first time when Shine brought it to me and we have been working with it ever since.  We like to gain a full understanding of the magic in the items that we sell, so this is why we tested this piece out for so long, so that way we can answer any questions that you may have once this piece becomes yours. 

If you are familiar with vampires in the slightest then you know that there are ways to "kill" vampires.  Even though they are already the undead, you know that there are ways to, shall we say, eradicate them.  It is also a misconception that once you become a vampire, your soul is for some reason automatically damned and that you know longer have one.  This is not true at all. Yes, there are some evil and demonic vampires that do not have souls, but generally speaking vampires do have souls.  They have personalities and traits and characteristics, which means that they have to possess a soul.  It's just that their physical vessels have undergone a transformation, whereby they have achieved immortality and thus have become "dead" as it is understood in human terms.

Either way, when vampires are eradicated and their physical vessels are no longer, the soul of these vampires are left to wander, unless they figure out a way to make it to their final resting place.  Most vampires have been vampires for so long that they just figure they will never have to worry about this, thus forgetting how to make it back to their resting place.  They are left to wander the world as lost souls, only they are vampire souls, still possessing all the characteristics and powers that they had when they were vampires.  Souls are eternal and they do not forget. 

This item is a Vampire Soul Collector.  Again, it has been given to me by Shine and contains a sampling of his own powers.  This piece allows you search out the traveling souls of lost vampires with a form of subliminal radar that will allow you to locate and identify these lost souls.  The vampire will most likely come to you willingly but may take a little bit of persuasion.  Most of these souls long for physical vessels so that way they can practice the immortal powers and abilities once again.  That's where you come in. 

Once you have collected a particular soul, it will remain in this vessel-- the item that you are receiving. However, it will bond a little bit with your own soul and you will obtain the powers of each and every vampire soul that you collect.  This is ultimately a piece that allows you to experience the full impact of vampiric powers, without making you undergo your own transformation.  If you ever get tired of using these powers-- which I doubt you will-- you can pass this piece onto the next person.  Until then, happy hunting... and enjoy this Vampire Soul Collection item!  By the way, I know I mentioned the world demonic earlier.  I was simply trying to draw a similarity and I want to point out that this item is in no way shape or form evil, whatsoever!  Enjoy!!