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This is one of the most exciting offerings because it is one of the most powerful and the most interesting!

With this item your going to get a real DNA test. We will send you the cheek swabs and a consent form to fill out. You will send the form and the test tubes back with two cheek swabs. This is going to a real lab where we will trace your ancestors all the way back to the Garden of Eden or after.

Once the test is complete you will get a full read out that shows your Halogroup which is a unique marker or designator. These are the R1b,O3, L1 and others. These markers will give you an entire history of where you came from and who you are. Once we know this we will conduct a calling of the ancestor power and place it in a piece for you to wear that will hold the extreme powers you can now take advantage of.

This is very exciting and is a combination of science and the paranormal. These make a great gift for anyone seeking the true power of the ancestor as well as anyone into past history.

You will be given two swabs and two tubes. You must make sure they are sealed properly and then you must send them back to me. You will be given full instructions and it is easy to do. Your only swabbing the inside of your cheek.

These will not be offered all the time so take advantage of this now. This item also takes some time to process and get ready so expect a few weeks. This will be a one of a kind and something you will be glad you invested in.