Who do Voodoo?  You do?  Who knew?

Who do Voodoo? You do? Who knew?

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Who do Voodoo? You do? Who knew?

Many years ago, my grandparents were on a vacation to Connecticut. During a luncheon, they forged what would become an extremely fruitful relationship with a couple from the Hartford area. As time grew, these couples became parents and eventually grandparents, but their endearment for each other never faltered; in fact, their caring for one another seemed to be hereditary. Growing up, trips to Connecticut were a normal occurrence, happening semi-annually. Our families were very close, so it was no surprise that we pretty much all knew everything about each other; all the pertinent information, anyhow. There was one secret, however, that their family had kept a secret from mine over the span of the years. In fact, the information would probably still remain classified, had Emily and I not shared such a tight bond. Emily was a byproduct of the originals. She was the youngest daughter of the eldest son, of the original couple from Connecticut. We were a year apart, so naturally we had a connection-- a connection that grew deeper as we got older. It was a relationship that embarked upon enough trustworthiness, that she decided to share her secret, because she couldn't hold it in anymore. She felt like she had to tell someone before she burst at the seams.

As it turns out, Emily's ancestors were part of the movement that colonized the area that would eventually become Connecticut. It was a rough terrain to be settled, similar to handled, similar to the woodsy areas that had already been settle in America, but not impossible. A lot of times the hard work of these settlers is not properly recognized, as the area kind of lives in the fame of it's neighbors to the west and north-- New York and Massachusetts, respectively. Then, it wouldn't come as any surprise to note that the first ever witch trials were actually held in Hartford, Connecticut, and not Salem, Massachusetts. The very first "witchcraft" hanging that occurred in Hartford, isn't well documented, but it is recorded that a woman was hung against the charge of witchcraft, and it ignited a fire that would sweep New England.

There were many such cases and accusations of women and men alike that were accused of witch, sent (or sometimes not sent) to trial, and burnt at the stake. Such is are the circumstances surround Sarema's death. Sarema was the slave of one of the more prominent families that had decided to embark upon the quest of settling Connecticut. She was well loved and well take care of by her masters-- treated more like part of the family than a piece of material property like most other slaves. For the times, life was pretty decent. This was all about to take a turn for the worst, unfortunately.

That winter was a particularly rough winter, with influenza being rampant, and affecting many people. When Sarema's family fell sick, she worked tirelessly around the clock to take care of them. Luckily for her, she didn't get sick. Unluckily for her, she cared about her family so much that she vowed to protect and care for them at all costs. One day when her masters were out to obtain supplies and medicine, the eldest child began having a fit of coughing, choking on what seemed like an invisible block of cement. She was thrown into convulsions and Sarema knew she had to act quickly, if she was going to save the child. She gathered up her supplies, and prepared to do her work. She knew it was risky, but it is the only thing that she had ever been accustomed to and she was prepared to help her family no matter what.

Sarema, having been forced to leave her homeland by white settlers, was now also forced to work for free. She had been separated from her family, friends, and surroundings. She had managed to take only one thing with her and that was her faith-- her faith in the strength and might of the voodoo spirits to get her through whatever she might be going through. In this time of urgency, she had nobody else to rely upon, so she did what she did best and conjured the spirits for protection and healing, using her make shift religious relics and emblems. However, when her masters returned home, they found Sarema performing weird rituals over their dying child. Being that Sarema didn't know English well enough to fully explain what was going on, the anxiety that their oldest child was about to die, and the fact that their had been so much controversy surrounding the recent witch trials, they began to act irrationally. Let alone for their youngest daughter, who had witnessed the entire event, nobody knew that what Sarema was doing was attempting to save the child. The masters thought that Sarema had (at this point) killed their eldest child, and the youngest was too afraid to speak up.

The owners tied and bound Sarema, beating her and dragging her to the square to falsely accuse her of malicious witchery and killing their child. She was burned at the stake for attempting to save the child's life, as her master were filled with anger, grief, and an unreasonable imagination. However, back in the home, the youngest child was still observing, still paying close attention to everything that was going on. She was very sad about her sister's death, but she was also grieving the death of Sarema, feeling guilt knowing that she could have done-- or at least said-- something but was too scared to do anything.

She gathered up all of Sarema's magical possessions that she had witness, hiding them under a floorboard in her bedroom until she was old enough to understand the possessions and what they meant. She drew her own conclusions about the belongings, seeing them for what they really were... relics that could be used to channel a deep magic that could help people. They weren't relics from the devil and did not possess demons. They were simply used to conjure the sacred voodoo spirits. What the person chose to do from there was their prerogative.

She began using the magic for herself and was able to amass wealth and success in life for her. Later in her life she used the magic to bless her friends and family. The magic was handed down from her to her children and so on and so forth, until the family grew into what was become a secret society of a very deep, powerful magic. Fast forward through the generations, and a beautiful little baby girl was born, name Emily-- my Emily. The magic was always kept a secret for obvious reason, and because of the stigma that goes along with it. But it is a very powerful magic and is used in a good way; more often than not to bless and benefit the people they hold near and dear to their hearts. Emily has shared this secret with me, giving me a copy of their official family pendant. The pendant is charmed and emanates the energy necessary to become proficient in voodoo magic. I've used the piece and I can tell you that it works wonders.

With this piece you will be able to summon the powers of the Rader or family-spirit Lao. This means that that good spirits of the voodoo religion will come to you, giving you the secrets to the ancient magic that is beheld by the possessor of the piece. The piece will protect you from the Petro, or evil voodoo spirits that wish to do you harm. It will deflect the evil spirits back to their place of origin, casting the hex on the originator 3 fold. You will be given the ability to cast charms and white light spells for healing, spiritual healing, and sanctification of your inner being as to let you excel in spiritual communication and communication in other realms. You will be given an unlimited understanding and insight into the voodoo magic and what it means to perform the magic responsibly; you will be under the divine influence of the wholesome spirits, who will guide your endeavors and multiply your blessings and abilities as you progress.

I have good news, too, by the way. I was able to obtain multiple pieces, so if you are interested in this power (and I can't imagine why you wouldn't be), you can own it too. You could even gift it to somebody. You can do whatever you want to, just make sure you reserve your piece before they are all gone!

This is the first piece that dates from the 1800's and we believe originally came from a French Voodoo practicioner. The piece is French and extremely old. The French part does not tie into the slave situation nor the Voodoo but like us magicals were obtained from all over even in that day. This has been one of my favorites because it is so unique. This will do all voodoo magic and call upon the spirits,wealth is even included along with revenge if you seek it as with any religion. You do with this what you wish. If you want all white light then you have it if you want dual the you have that too.

The piece is a very small egg shaped enamel that will hold wishes but at this time it holds the dirt of the sacred blessed. You may take it out and use it as described if that is what you wish to do.