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This is piece that got in the mail from a friend of mine in Poland. He said that he couldn’t remember from where he got the piece or why he even obtained it in the first place; however, he was rearranging some things in his closet, when he accidentally touch the piece. He felt a connection to it, so he kept it on his person. Later that night, as he slept, he dreamed visions of Heaven and Hell, demons and angels, miscellaneous unidentified beings, and the future of the world. He talked to the saints and walked among the heavens in the paths of the angels. Right before he awoke from his slumber, he remembers seeing a vision of the Magdalene weeping-- weeping for the world, pleading for its people to change their ways before its too late. He woke up feeling refreshed, like he had had the best night’s sleep that he could recall.

He felt amazing, but he was still a bit freaked out, so he sent this piece to me. As soon as I received the piece, I began rigorous investigations on it. I was determined to find out what was going on with the piece. Unfortunately, the only way for me to experience the piece was to wait until I was tired and sleep with it. hung around my neck. Then, I experienced extremely similar things to the things that my friend from Poland experience. And sure enough I woke up feeling like I had just had a long night of sweet slumber. After a few months of investigations and running tests, I can assuredly tell you that this piece is infused with the tears of the weeping Mary Magdalene.

Called Magdalene, because her deep emotionality, this Mary is one of three that were frequent travelers with Jesus Christ the Nazarene. She is knows as Christ’s consort and the “blessed one” She has washed the Christ’s feet with her tears, anointing his body with her mercy, humility, and grace. Now, she is in Heaven with her lord, her tears infused in the piece above, except this time the tears will anoint your spirit. The Magdalene’s tears will anoint your spirit with the Holy Divination of her consort, Jesus Christ. This will give you the ability of spiritual intuition, giving you prophesy and visions of the future in your sleep. You will be able to walk among the angels and saints, receiving their blessing and the powers held within them. The tears will rejuvenate your soul, making you feel younger and more energetic than before and making you more in tune with your sensory perception. This will give you the ability to really experience life, including being able to see angels and demons in our realm. You will receive the piece that you see above.

This piece is abso gorgeous and in sterling silver with clear and purple stones. Ask about what the other items are made of because many times I foget to add it in.

My personal experience with this piece is one that I'm very glad I had. I'm able too pray with people and give them what they need and want. This is another one of my favorites!