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Kwan and the Soul Snatchers

Never judge a book by its cover. I can tell you this from first hand experience. A lot of people that I had thought to have either this characteristic or that one turned out to be really great people. A lot of people that I thought were true friends were the ones that turned out to be the very ones that hurt you the most. Nobody can attest to this lesson, thought, better than our correspondent Adita, who had a recent run in with a “man” that belongs to a group of Masonic immortals that appear as normal individuals and have made transitions into society almost seamlessly.

Kwan, the man that we are talking about was a young man that Adita met while on an investigation once. To Adita, it seemed like Kwan was interested in her. Kwan eventually confirmed Adita’s suspicion, when he asked her out for coffee and a long day of running tests, during the investigation that they both attended as colleagues. So, they went out for coffee and Adita and Kwan hit it off nicely. The next time it was brunch, and the time after that dinner and a movie, complete with flowers. Adita had really taken a liking to Kwan. All in all they dated for approximately a year and half. Then, things took a turn for the worse.

Adita and Kwan had become real official, so when Kwan asked Adita to attend a family reunion with him, it wasn’t really that alarming. Although Kwan had mentioned he didn’t know who his real parents were, Adita knew that he had a sort of “foster family” to which he belonged. She had never seen them, as before this, Kwan hadn’t really mentioned them. Nevertheless, it didn’t seem too out of the ordinary for Kwan to ask Adita to meet his family, finally.

The first warning should have been that his family reunion was taking place at 8pm. The second warning should’ve been that her boyfriend seemed to transformed from a “Hollister hottie” into some sort of gothic mess. It wasn’t too bad, but it was noticeable. He was wearing all black, his hair was abnormally spiked, and Adita could have sworn he was wearing black eyeliner; but it was awkward for her to even bring it up. Kwan had simply told her that he wanted to fit in with his family and that was the reasoning behind the sudden wardrobe toss up.

When they arrived, Kwan led her into a large building that was barely lit. The room radiated a awkward yellow-orange glow of dozens of candles, which was the only source of light in the room. Nevertheless, she was led into the room through large oak double doors, that latch securely behind them. She heard it click as if the door had locked behind them. Little to her knowledge it had. Then, Kwan’s “family” ascended into the room via an opening that on the other side of the room. They were all dressed in overly gaudy gothic fashion, all freak shows compared to Kwan, but in similar style. That is when Adita noticed the coffin at the other side of the room, hidden in the corner. She let out a stifled scream. Kwan looked over at her, and Adita began to move forward, against her will and stood in the center of the room, as Kwan and him “family” began to take part in some weird freaky ritual. She was terrified, but there was nothing she could do. Kwan had full control of her mind, and would not relinquish it.

As the ritual ended, Adita began to realize what she was here for-- to be a sacrifice in what crazed, freaky ritual these people were taking part in. Then, everyone in the crowd began to stalk forward towards her staring directly into her eyes, as if they were trying to steal her soul. She realized that was exactly what they were going to do. Then, without a moments notices the great oak doors were opened and she was flung across the room towards the doors, landing with a thud. She turned to see Kwan standing in her place. She didn’t stick around to see what was going on. She scramble out of the building, which began to shake fervently. Eventually, it went up in flame, most likely killing all the inhabitants of the building. She didn’t care, though, they had tried to steal her soul. But, what about Kwan?

The necklace that she was wearing had been given to her by Kwan on their one year anniversary of their dating relationship. It now burned into her skin, so she took it from her neck and noticed that it was glowing a bright red color. She gazed into the pendant and when she did she saw everything that transpired in a flash. Kwan was commissioned to go out into the world from this place of seclusion to find an annual sacrifice to the spirits of the underworld, the gods of this cult gothic freaks. Kwan, had, in the process fallen in love with Adita and sacrificed himself instead, letting her live and infusing his soul in the only remaining remembrance of the relationship he and Adita once shared.

The power infused in the necklace contains immortality. It also contains the secrets of ancient oriental magic, including the blessings of the dragon, which has been turned to white light magic through the sanctity of true love. Finally, this piece will give you eternal protection against evil entities and those who wish bad fortune against you. it will reverse your adversaries intentions, returning them ten fold.

The blessings of the dragon are impressive and combined with the ancient Oriental magic will gain you some most powerful abilities.