Nazca Lines: the Heart of Earth's Intergalactic Influences

Nazca Lines: the Heart of Earth's Intergalactic Influences

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Nazca Lines: the Heart of Earth's Intergalactic Influences

There are many mysteries throughout ancient history that, in modern times, have yet to be solved. Perhaps one of the most astounding mysteries are those that surround the origins of the Nazca Lines. Haven't heard of the Nazca Lines? That's easy, they are a network of lines, "drawn" into the desert of Southern Peru. This seems like it might be normal enough. The lines could have easily been crafted by ancients with any number of the archaic tools they had available to them; after all, sand is not that hard to dig in.

Here's the catch. The lines only begin to make sense from several hundred feet in the air. Once you are at such an altitude you can see how the lines correlate and come together. The lines meet to make such objects as monkeys and several different types of birds. Some of the lines even resemble modern runways, landing strips, and air bases. This leaves one to wonder, who really created the Nazca Lines? Was it the ancient natives that occupied Peru? Are the Nazca Lines a product of spiritual beings? The answer remained unresolved until we discovered this piece. The piece is a result of a séance that we did in Peru, to infuse the powers of the Lines into the piece, in hopes that answers would be given to the riddles of the lines.

The piece was sent to us, and we began running tests on it immediately, and have been working with the piece for the past several years. After running a series of tests on the object, as a means of investigation, we have been able to determine what is really going on in Peru. The Nazca Lines aren't a hoax in any way shape or form, they weren't done by humans, and neither were they crafted by god.

The Nazca Lines were created for several different purposes. The long, symmetrical gullies were used as ancient landing strips to an intergalactic space port that was built in Peru eons ago. The way the lines were stamped into symbols and representations of animals was to signify to advanced alien detection systems that the planet was already occupied by life form that colonization was not necessary for this planet. The aliens were peaceful and did not believe in disturbing the balance of nature. Our planet was used for nothing more than an intergalactic rest stop, for extraterrestrials on their way to and fro.

Then, the humans evolved. Have you ever been to a rest stop in North Jersey, or perhaps Southern Florida, and been totally disgusted because you found cockroaches in the restrooms? Well, basically that's what we were to the aliens. The ancients were so busy scurrying about, trying to probe the existence of the aliens, that the aliens grew tired of the annoying little pests, because they never ceased in the quest to be the most powerful of beings ever. They just didn't get it. The aliens were so much more advanced than this and didn't have time for this, so they build a rest stop somewhere else... somewhere on Mars I believe. I'm not too sure of it.

Anyway, this is what we have to offer you. The piece you see above, inhabits the original powers of the race of extraterrestrials that, at one point in time, would visit our planet in their comings and goings. With the piece you will gain a total understanding of the balance of existence and what it all means. You will be able to see outside the box, because you will gain the wisdom and intellect of a foreign race of beings that were technologically advanced before we, as a race, even commenced existence. You will be given secrets of technology and develop of the alien race, just don't be surprised if your fellow humans have no clue what you're talking about... because we aren't that advanced yet. Look how people reacted to Einstein when he drafted the Theory of Relativity. Moving on, you will gain the ability to heal yourself and others of astrological afflictions. This will give yourself and others the wholesomeness to be at one with the inner core of your/their being. This will begin the evolutionary process of the human mind that will hopefully create a domino effect on humanity, allowing our race, as a whole, to gain intergalactic understanding. This will increase peace and prosperity. At least if it doesn't happen on a worldly level, it will still happen for you. I can attest to the powers withheld by this piece, as I have used it on several occasions. It is very powerful and will deliver above average results if you're into intergalactic revelations.