Henry -- The Boy of Wonder

Henry -- The Boy of Wonder

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Boy of Wonder

The spirit of Henry Moddelet is held within this doll. Henry was just 4 years old when he was killed in a tragic house fire. He was playing hide and seek with his sister when she knocked over an oil lantern that started the fire. Henry was hiding in the attic and was trapped, and sadly killed in the terrible blaze.

In the aftermath of the fire there was a trunk that had not been badly burned; this doll was inside the trunk. It was Henry's security piece... he carried this doll with him always. The family believed that he placed the boy doll in the trunk to keep him safe when he realized he couldn't escape the heat.

This doll holds immense energy and inhabits Henry's spirit. He will come forth and bring you knowledge of the afterlife --- he simply wants to be loved and will showcase his delight to the person who will take good care of him!

The strength of love that is incorporated in this boy of wonder doll will encompass your soul and help make your life bloom with happiness, knowledge and the power of a cleansed spirit.

Life is great and Henry wants to help you enjoy every minute, because he knows that anything can happen to change the outlook of life in a matter of a split second ~ Love him and you will be blessed*