Satyriasis,using the levitation process-- CLIP

Satyriasis,using the levitation process-- CLIP

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Finally a disease that men can LOVE or maybe women!

We have all heard of nymphomaniacs but what most women want is a Satyriasis!  This is the male version of nympho!

As a man you might be saying that you are man enough and have a great sex drive. I believe you but do you also want attraction,longer or fuller penis? I'm not saying it is needed but do you want it?

If you do then one of these pieces is for you. You can pick between cuff links or a tie clip which feature naked ladies on them.

These work in one heck of an amazing way! We can create healings and all minds of things by calling them up using a deep magic. This is something I have been great at for years. As a Cancer I have a very deep connection to the other side and the realm of all creatures. This is actually the reason I have always had testers in my buisness. I have the ability to connect but do others? Testing on people with little to no ability is more fair because when they can see or feel the same thing you do,then it is a hit!!

The power and magic is placed into these pieces using the levitation and seance practice. To do this you need to call up the original creation of the magic or power your seeking and then to have either an energy or creature in the circle hold the pieces to provide a clear energy into the piece. You know that this is accomplished only when the piece levitates mid air. The reason for this is because since it has levitated you know the direct source has enough power to transform your piece. There is a lot more to it some of which depends on the person holding the seance or energy circle,they have to be able to connect to the other side. The last week while I was in Block Island I did this during my off time from the investigation. I have made a few pieces that could be tested fast and not take months. These pieces will go on and will say in the title,levitation process.

The reason I'm able to do this is because for one I have always been able to connect with the other side or hidden side. I also increased the ability to do this after my transformation because apparently it is something I did in one of my past lives.  So take advantage of these things and enjoy.