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Extra, Extra, read all about it!  Obama's a Reptilian and there's no doubt about it! Listen, we have an exclusive item that proves that Barack Obama is a secret operative of a Reptilian race.  Besides the fact that he has single-handedly led a revolution that has American on the path to its demise.  I mean, before the Reptilian Bloodline existed peacefully, infusing themselves into the hierarchies of the world, with powerful positions in royal, political, and economic positions.  They love their power and money and they wanted to do what they had to do to maintain these two characteristics.  Okay, well I guess if I landed on a foreign planet, had the ability to shapshift into one of the people and could control all of their wealth and power, I would do it to.  However, Obama-- whose code name is ASCX-4716-- has taken the Reptilian Agenda to new levels and to all new heights.

Okay here's the deal.  A few thousand years ago Reptilians showed up on Earth.  There was small colony of them and they thrive on Earth for awhile.  After a while, they decided that while they had great magical abilities and powers unbeknowst to any other entities on Earth, they needed to amass wealth, so they began mixing their blood lines with others, you know, through the natural way of doing things.  Thus, they have descendants in various places of power throughout the world.  Their bloodline consists of people such as the Queen of England, the Prime Minister of Canada, Jacques Chirac, the Chancellor of Germany, and various other dignitaries and economic leaders of the world.  Their bloodline runs rampant through the Illuminati and it exists in such families as the Rothchilds, the Rockefellers, the Churchills and others.

The mentality has shifted, though, to a new take over the world initiative.  Before it was a more gentle approach.  Now it's pretty much an all out attempt to take over completely, which they've done with success in many different factors.  The leader of this current initiative is none other than Barack Obama.  The current initiative is taking place in Africa, where the reptilians are taking the bodies of African tribal members and North African terrorists.  Barack Obama's family is included in this takeover.  Obama was the chosen one to lead the movement and he was grown to perfection with just the right amount of powers that he has the ability to take over, but he can still be controlled by the mother ship, which is also lying in wait to storm the planet when Obama gives the word.  This movement has taken a little African child born in Kenya and named Barack to the fore front of American history and the history of the world as the first African American President of the United States of America.  Let us not forget that he is actually half white too... but whatever.

The point is that Barack Obama is an in-the-flesh shape-shifting reptilian.  During a rendezvous with the shame, Credo Mutwa, we were able to establish the connection immediately.  He is fraudulently attempting to take down the most powerful and independent nation-- or what once was-- and turn it into a rampant breeding ground for his kind.  I'm not talking about aborignial Kenyans, which are his native human kind.  I'm talking about his kind as in the Reptilian Race that he was put in power by.  His human-- or shape-shifted-- form allows him to appear as Barack Obama, but in all honesty when he takes off his Obama skin at the end of the night, he's still pretty much an asshole... and that translate universally.

This piece is one that we got our hands on.  It contains the powers of the Reptilian bloodline and an alien egg.  You will be able to use all the powers that the Reptilians have amassed here on Earth-- power, wealth, health, alchemy, bi-location, shape-shifting, mind control-- just to name a few.  You will gain the ability of reverse shape-shifting, meaning that you will be able to take on full Reptilian form if you choose.  With the egg you will be able to birth your own Reptilian alien.  You can train him however you want.  Once you've trained him, you can use him to make other reptilians of the same kind, so you can have your own Reptilian army.  They will act as your protective force and give you the powers that they collect along their way and during their self-discovery and learning.  

As for Obama, let's hope he gets impeached for allowing Americans to knowlingly get attacked.  If you don't believe me, you can read the email for yourself.  Then, maybe humans stand a chance at regaining control.  Until then he is going to keep ruining our country, because he is working for a race of aliens that he is part of, so that way he take over our country and the world.  I bet you didn't get that email.  Either way, this piece, which exhibits his powers is very unique and full of original powers of the Reptilians.  Do not miss out on this chance to own an exclusive Reptilian relic!!