Seeing Eye of Time
Seeing Eye of Time

Seeing Eye of Time

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The Seeing Eye of Time

This is a very unique item. We obtained it from a secret source that we hold inside of United States Paranormal Research Department. The department is headquartered in Area 51, in a high-security structure that is deep below the surface of Southern Nevada. It is where covert operations and experimentation and communications with extraterrestrials occur. Thus, it should come as no surprise that there are some weird and unusual things that go on at Area 51. This particular piece is a time-travel item that has been worked on by the government in conjunction with scientists from around the world.

Last week we received a briefing from our connection that works in Area 51. He has recently been reassigned to a new project that is called the "Eye of God." The Eye of God is a secret operative project that the government has undertaken to view time. The energy that has been placed into this piece is a direct result of their experimentation and appropriately resembles an eyeball in a piece of blue glass. The energy in this piece comes from a collaboration of experimentation done by high-profile scientists from around the world.

The idea that people can actually see sound has been proven. People who are able to see sound are able to do so because a part of their brain has been either energetically of genetically manipulated or altered. This means a person who was born with a small scope of vision will likely be able to see sound and the waves that they generate. They waves always exist, but a person who has very little visions will attempt to overcompensate and will develop an ability to use the visions that they do have, being able to see things as they are being conveyed audibly.

This overcompensation idea has been applied in Area 51 to people who were supposedly willing to undergo the testing. They have been energetically manipulate to propel them from no psychic ability at all, to full psychic ability. This has taken them from zero to hero, so to speak. It has given them extreme powerful abilities, with a concentration to a psychic connection to the space-time continuum with energies they actually receive from an alien connection. Once this energy was blasted fully into the brain of the test subjects, the awoke with the ability to see time.

I can't really describe what it feel like to see time. I have tested this piece and you can actually see time as it is occurring, meaning you into the space-time continuum via your DNA. This DNA is in full control of time at all times. Thus, these new race of beings are called Existent Time Benders (ETBs). ETBs are able to see into time as it is happening, giving them the ability to be in one place but exist spiritually everywhere at one time. It gives them the ability to know all things, as they are the very essence of time and exist everywhere, just as existence does. I mean, obviously existence has to exist everywhere or that means there is no existence and there obviously is or you wouldn't exist, right? I know it's confusing. The point is, these individuals have full ability to bend time and space as they see fit. They can bend time, create ripples into time, open time pathways, doors, and portals. They can create wormholes that will allow you to teleport, mostly spiritually but sometimes physically. This piece is a very elaborate time control piece. It is a direct result of the genetic mutations that going on in Area 51, which I'm sure you've heard of.

This piece is incredible. It defies time as we know it. After all, time is a man made convenience, only because our brains weren't smart enough to interpret our existence solely as it was. In fact, I can tell you now the time is all rooted in illusion and is controlled by the government. They don't want you to know this, but it's true. They created their own time that they control which ultimately gives them control over everyone under the illusion of an ease and smooth transitioning in society. Blah, blah, blah.

This piece will allow you to wake up from your root of illusion. It will allow you to know what existence is. It will give you full control over time with the afore mentioned abilities. This piece is incredibly powerful. It is a piece that has been directly sent to us from Area 51 and has not been energetically mutated in any way since it's exit from the testing laboratories in Area 51... meaning it's one of their originals!! Very powerful! Very Exciting! Don't miss out!