Streghe Benandanti

Streghe Benandanti

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Streghe Benandanti<br /><br />

This piece comes from Italy; more appropriately this piece comes from Sicily. If you know anything about people from Sicily, you know that they hold strong to their beliefs and cultures. With that beings said the Sicilians have some very pure forms of magic that they can offer. Nowadays, most people dismiss magic and divination as rubbish or hocus-pocus. This is unfortunate, but true.<br /><br />

What I have to offer you is the original tooth of a Benandani Witch. The tooth was lost by the witch during the inquisition, when she was hunted down by the Catholic church and burned at the stake. The tooth was recovered by one of her family members and has been passed down from generation to generation. Somehow the piece was distributed to an outsider. <br /><br />

The outsider eventually became afraid of the piece, because he had no experience with the paranormal. That's when a friend of mine, Carlo, told the man he would send it away from him for investigation. I haven't heard back from the man and Carlo told me to keep the piece. This is why I am offering it to you. <br /><br />

The piece itself, like I said, is the tooth of a Benandanti female witch. She lost the tooth while in full wolf form. The tooth, once it was separated from the body of the werewolf, remained shifted and in tact. It began to crystallize because of the magic that it holds. <br /><br />

Anyway, it is important that this piece comes from a woman, because contrary to popular belief, it is the women Benandanti that are stronger than the men. The Benandanti were known as the good walkers, but were misunderstood by everyone and interpreted as evil, satanic witches. They were actually quite the opposite. The men would leave their bodies in spirit for to ward of evil. While in physical form they could shape-shift into any beast or creature they felt like shifting into. <br /><br />

The women on the other hand left their bodies, not only to help fight off evil, but for other reasons as well. Once a month the women Benandanti would leave their bodies while sleeping. These were known as the Ember Days. During the Ember Days, the women would attend festivals with a host of spirits, faeries, and other sprites. <br /><br />

While at the festivals the females would learn the practices associated with Stregheria, an Italian form of pure spiritual, white forms of divination and powers. They would learn and learn and then be sent back to their village once the festival and feast were over. The most powerful woman would then become the Abbess. She is the one that gives the gifts of the well of life and knowledge. She is also the one that then teaches the practices and powers of Stregheria. <br /><br />

This piece is the original tooth of the Abbess. It houses the Abbess and will manifest her spirit to you. She will bless your soul, giving you all of the abilities of the Good Walkers. You will gain all of their magic as discussed above. Additionally, you will gain the ability to go on nocturnal spirit journeys during the Ember Days. You will dance with the spirits and faeries at the feast and festival. This will have you on your way to being an Abbess-- an all powerful, omniscient, omnipotent being. <br /><br />

This piece is very powerful and you'd do well not to pass it up. I wanted to keep this piece for myself, but Dee Dee wouldn't let me. Well my bad luck is your good fortune. So... what are you waiting for??<br /><br />