Abada In the Congo
Abada In the Congo

Abada In the Congo

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Abada in the Congo<br /><br />

If you know Dee Dee, then you know that she is a humanitarian at heart. It came as no surprise to me when I came into the office one day and there were pictures of one particular child from the Congo plastered all over the wall. Well, it came a surprise until she explained herself.<br /><br />

As it turns out, Dee Dee was moved by one of those early morning commercials. I'm not even sure what the organization is anymore. Needless to say, Haunted Curiosities has adopted a child from a foreign land. <br /><br />

For the last several years we have been contributing to the child and the child's family. Everything that we have given to them has allowed the child's family to prosper. In fact, to this day the family has become successful farmers in their community. They raise livestock and are able to pay the bills and live a life of comfortable means-- by Sudan's standards anyhow. <br /><br />

The thing of it is, once we were acquainted with the family, we began sending our donations directly to them. We sent them money to get an animal one time. We weren't quite sure what kind of animal it was that they were getting. They were going on and on and on; and truth be told I really couldn't tell what they were saying. <br /><br />

They sent me this piece last year. I've been testing in since then. The thing of it is, I thought that the family was using the money we were sending them to buy animals one at a time. They weren't. They were stock piling the money to fund an expedition into the condo. For what reason? They were in search of a creature known as the Abada. It is an animal found in the Congo. <br /><br />

An Abada, as I have found out is, is a legendary creature that is hard to find and even harder to capture; however, when tamed can give a person some of most spiritual powers that the whole Congo has to offer. The Abada is similar to a unicorn and resides in the Congo. The difference is the Abada has two crooked horns instead of one long one like a normal unicorn prototype. <br /><br />

The Abada's horns were given to him by the God, as a vessel to hold their magic and divinity. It are these horns that our family from the Congo was after. Since capturing the Abada, they have kept it, using the magic in the horns to prosper. They also use this magic in their daily lives to go on spirit journies to the realm of the gods. Once here, they are allowed entrance into the gods' Hall of Record. They will obtain all of the secrets from the past and visions of the future. Their spirits have been sanctified by this exotic and powerful energy. <br /><br />

They sent me this piece. The piece houses the spiritual offspring of the Abada. With this piece you will assume all of the powers of the Abada and will be as if you actually own one. You will be able to use this piece for a range of purposes varying from spiritual enlightenment to acquisition of magical powers, to wealth and adbundance.<br /><br />

Our family? Yeah, their doing fine. Now, you have the ability to part of our-- let's say-- extended family. This opportunity is once in a lifetime, though. Do not let this one pass you by!! <br /><br />