Don't Cry For Me, Virgin Mary
Don't Cry For Me, Virgin Mary

Don't Cry For Me, Virgin Mary

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Don't Cry For Me, Virgin Mary<br /><br />


In 2005, people from all over the world lined up to see a miracle that was in the making. A statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary began weeping tears of blood outside the Vietnamese Catholic Church in Sacramento, California. Religions people say it's a miracle. Non-believers are calling it a hoax. Nobody really knows for certain, other than to say that the statue really was crying SOMETHING.<br /><br />


I should say that nobody knows for certain, except for anyone who decides to become the host of the piece I am offering. Now, I was fresh out of high school in 2005. I had no worries in the world and I wanted to be a movie star some day; Dee Dee had been following this development for some time. As you all know, we have people who work for us that are out in California. <br /><br />


With this being said, life had a different fate for me, and I ended up working for Dee Dee. I was fascinated with this piece in particular from the day I laid my eyes on it. I was raised Catholic and to see a miracle sent from God via the Sacred Virgin, to me, is a sincere blessing. <br /><br />


During the miracle days in Sacramento, Dee Dee sent one of our workers over to the site to see how much of an investigation could be done at the location. Feasibly, this was impossible. Dee Dee did, however, manage to get a few drops of the blood, which otherwise seemingly stopped once it reached the Virgin's robe. The few drops that did fall elsewhere, however, were promptly collected by HC representatives and delivered to Dee Dee, post haste. <br /><br />


Once she began working with the substance, it has taken this many years to bring it to full manifestation. I was luckily able to be a part of this process and I can attest to how powerful this piece can and will be. It has been infused with the droplets of blood that were cried by the Virgin Mary at the Korean Catholic Church in Sacramento, California.<br /><br />


With that being said it holds special divination that is going to open up the skies for you, whereupon you will introduced to legions and legions of angels and saints. They will all offer you special abilities and different divine magic powers. The Virgin cries simply because she knows the end times are near. Taking this into consideration, the piece also provides you with a magic that will allow you to hold visions of the end times in accordance with the Revelations given to St. John the Apostle. <br /><br />


This piece is very powerful and should be treated as such. It holds the original blood and bloodline of Jesus Christ the Messiah, as bled by his Virgin Mother Mary. This piece is incredibly unique and to the best of my knowledge there isn't a single one like it in the world!! Reserve this piece today!!<br /><br />