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Enuma Elis

Enuma Elis

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Enuma Elis <br /><br />

The Babylonians definitely had their own way of thinking. They were a very advanced civilization of the past and have been the source of vast amount of discoveries. There are some things, however, that aren't always meant for discovery-- well, at least not until the time is right. <br /><br />


What I am about to share with you is probably the oldest case of split personality disorder ever recorded in history; however, it was necessary. You see the Babylonians weren't stupid. They knew that there were some things that just had to be concealed. They commissioned and organized a covert fraternity to take charge of their most prized possession... that being the magic that defined who they were as a people and laid the ground work for what would become one of the most elusive predecessors to modern society as we know.<br /><br />


The Enuma Elis is the complete annal of a course of events that led to the existence of humanity. Oddly enough, the origins aren't that far off from what the Holy Bible states as the beginning. Any how, this holy indoctrination of the Babylonians gives account to how and why the Babylonians exist. The Enuma Elis is very informative and researchers have been able to examine and develop theories that center around the development of the Babylonians as a nation with these texts. <br /><br />


What the researchers didn't discover and what I have the key to, is the alter ego of the Babylonians. They are they voice of the Babylonians that speak a different language and tell an even more detailed story. The voice gives clear, vivid instructions on the summoning powers of the Babylonians. The voice tells the stories of the ancient ones-- the gods that breathed the very life into the Babylonians that they use to thrive. <br /><br />


The voice gives the secrets of Babylonian success and wealth. It gives a first hand account of how the gods infused these powers into the Babylonians, their chosen people. The voice gives insight into the magic and alchemy and divination that was gifted the Babylonians upon their arrival. <br /><br />


This voice is the fraternity that keeps the most covert and energized secrets of the Babylonians. They are the ones that commissioned the construction of the Tower of Babel. It was their magic that built the tower almost high enough to see the gods. They spoke their own language and made it really difficult to understand. They developed their own alpanumberic system to convey secrets of the past. Only an enlightened mind is able to interpret and comprehend their system of communication. <br /><br />


This bracelet is a replica of an original found at an excavation site in Iraq, near where the ancient city of Nineveh would have been located. It holds the powers to enlighten the mind. On it are written a set of commands and the spirit of ancient Babylonian wisdom. After bonding with this piece, it will disperse its powers. Your soul will collect the powers, using them for the comprehension of the ancient form of of knowledge that will bring on the full form magic that the Babylonians have to offer. <br /><br />